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NASA Signs Up Six Companies for Composite Research Program

Six companies will participate in a government-and-industry partnership run by NASA as the agency aims to move forward composite materials research and certification. A panel of officials from NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory reviewed proposals from 20 companies and assessed them according to technical expertise and willingness toRead… Read more »

Why “Do More with Less” is Wrong

For government managers faced with restrained budgets, hiring freezes, and new mandates, the pressure to do more with existing resources has gained widespread traction. “Wrong” is a bit of an overstatement, but for one government leader, the notion of “doing more with less” misses a central point. Last week, Rafael Borras, Under Secretary for ManagementRead… Read more »

The Innovation Of Public-Private Partnerships

The challenges of the 21st century not only cut across multiple agencies, they also cut across the lines between the public vs. the private sectors. Yet the original design of our government was not intended to collaborate well across multiple organizations. A frustrating dilemma. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rethink and evolve government toRead… Read more »

2011 Service to America Medal Winners: What Pivotal Plays Have You Seen in Government Lately?

The Partnership for Public Service annually honors outstanding federal employees who have made a significant difference in the lives of Americans. Often referred to as the “Oscars of government service,” the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals (aka The Sammies) highlights all of the “pivotal players” in government who are chosen based on theirRead… Read more »

Mission-Focused Analytics

What do we mean by “mission-focused analytics?” That is the focus of a new report co-sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government and released earlier today at an event with a panel of federal executives using analytics. “It’s like peeling back an onion. You cry aRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Extending Federal benefits to partners of same-sex employees

According to an article over at The Washington Post, a bill that seeks to extend benefits to the same-sex partners of Federal employees was reintroduced last week. The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act was reintroduced by Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine). If passed, the act would make same-sex partners ofRead… Read more »

A Guide to Collaborative Competencies

Effective governance is increasingly dependent on the use of cross-agency collaborative networks. Do you know if you are any good at running a collaborative network? The non-profit Policy Consensus Initiative, in collaboration (how fitting!) with the 26-member University Network for Collaborative Governance, have developed a “Guide to Collaborative Competencies.” The guide draws “upon the collectiveRead… Read more »

White House releases open government status report before launch of Open Government Partnership

The Obama administration has released a status report on open government. The report, which I’ve embedded below, was released through a blog post at by Steven Croley, special assistant and senior counsel to the President: President Obama has made open government a high priority. Greater openness renders our government more efficient and effective. ItRead… Read more »

Top Ten Mind Barriers to Maximizing Leadership-Business Performance — Part I

It’s time to take the next evolutionary step on the path of leadership-business success. While the step seems obvious, as many have noted common sense is often quite uncommon. More than ever organizations and businesses need to initiate new and varied approaches to connecting and collaborating with their customers and employees, especially by proactively solicitingRead… Read more »