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The New SECTOR: PUBLIC – Smart Opinion On Tech, Innovation, and Public Good

Yesterday during the / UN Foundation “Social Good Summit” in New York, I launched something I’ve been working on for a while behind the scenes at Microsoft’s public sector division. It’s a new website (geeks: WordPress running on Windows Server… and eventually Windows Azure cloud) called SECTOR: PUBLIC. (Get it? Like Mission: Impossible? Hey,Read… Read more »

State of Victoria (Australia) launches Gov 2.0 Action Plan

A new Government 2.0 Plan has been released for the Victorian Public Sector (VPS). Endorsed by Departmental Secretaries and the Chief Commissioner of Police, the Plan provides a whole of VPS approach to using Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, blogs and social media to engage with citizens, develop policy and deliver services. The PlanRead… Read more »

@PubSecBloggers – follow UK Public Sector Bloggers on Twitter

Using Twitterfeed I’ve set up a new Twitter account which will be updating with new posts from UK Public Sector Bloggers. These are the bloggers which are on the page which Dave Briggs set up last year. He says: The bloggers I have used so far aren’t just civil servants, or local government officers, butRead… Read more »