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Avoid Risk by Using Solicitation/Contract Templates

By Cynthia Zieman, CFCM Imagine this scenario. Your acquisition lead time is quickly slipping. Time is running short to develop your solicitation documents, which could jeopardize meeting the target project completion date. What do you do? It’s likely that you don’t start entirely from scratch on a completely blank page. Do you pull the lastRead… Read more »

New Report Examines the State of Rulemaking 2.0

This article was first posted by Dan Chenok on the IBM Center for the Business of Government Blog. The IBM Center for The Business of Government is today releasing a new report, Rulemaking 2.0: Understanding and Getting Better Public Participation, by Cynthia R.Farina and Mary J. Newhart with CeRI (the Cornell eRulemaking Initiative). This reportRead… Read more »

The Hidden Costs of Firm-Fixed Price Contracts

By John Coombs, CFCM, DAWIA III As fiscal pressures rise, senior leaders across the federal government place additional emphasis on Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) contracts. A prime example is the Department of Defense “Better Buying Power” memoranda. FFP contracting is an important method to add simplicity and cost efficiency, but with respect to services, FFP contractingRead… Read more »

Health Care Security is a Fundamental Freedom — Part III

Corporate America Gone Wild! Some opponents of health care reform assert that the Affordable Care Act will result in a lack of personal freedom due to the so-called individual mandate. But what about our freedom from Corporate America gone wild? Freedom from Wall Street conartists. Freedom from bloated barrons of banking. And freedom from theRead… Read more »

Local Governments Should Review Their Regulations

In a January 2011 Executive Order President Obama directed federal agencies to “lookback” at their current rules and regulations to determine if they still make sense and are necessary. The Executive Order requires agencies to: – Identify reforms that will produce significant savings, especially for small business.– Report to the public regularly on their effortsRead… Read more »

The Relaunch

By Alex Moll, Communications Officer, eRulemaking Program Management Office Yesterday, the White House announced the relaunch of in a post on remaking public participation by Cass Sunstein, the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA): “In response to the President’s direction, has launched a major redesign, including innovative new searchRead… Read more »

Being @ the #SOTU #WHTweetUp

Summary. Last night I had the distinct honor and privilege to participate in the White House State of the Union TweetUp. I arrived in my capacity as a private citizen and student from American University (AU). Earlier in the day, as a fellow invited Tweep (i.e., a fun moniker for those of us who microRead… Read more »

Why We Need More Lobbyists

How many times have you clicked a box to add your name to one of those “Make the world a better place. Sign our petition now” email links? Congratulations. You are a lobbyist. Have you ever accepted one whose purpose was to eliminate lobbyists? Congratulations. You are confused. It’s become fashionable to gripe about lobbyingRead… Read more »