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Innovation: Begin by Thinking Different

Innovation and Change, a Historical Perspective A historical perspective of an organization, as those cited by Willem Mastenbroek from over a decade ago are not only interesting as an evolutionary history of organization and the firm, but also facilitate insight into early management and human behavior. The examples also give a glimpse into what hasRead… Read more »

Leadership: Ownership and Responsibility

Recently on the Harvard Business Review, John Coleman posted an excellent article, Take Ownership of Your Actions by Taking Responsibility (help is not on the way) that addresses expectations on the part of executive leadership. I found this particularly interesting because I recently caught myself feeling this very thing being asked, “do you feel stalledRead… Read more »

It’s the Social Era, and We Still Need Mission, Vision and Values

Recently I have found myself running virtually every business topic I consider though the grid of the social era. This is particularly interesting to me since there are a number of principles in business that are timeless in nature, but undergo countless changes in their application due to sociological shifts. Organizational change is no exception.Read… Read more »

Strategy is…? How to Create and Execute a Successful Strategy

As many government agencies are aware, creating a strategy is a mandate, and creating and communicating an actionable strategy can make or break the performance goals of the agency or department and impact the ability to deliver on the mission. According to our marketing partner – Preactive Marketing – the phrase “strategy is…” generates roughlyRead… Read more »

The Importance of Strategic Planning for your Workforce – How Does Strategic Planning Work at Your Agency?

This is the second post in a series of blog posts and podcasts talking through the recent GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning. Be sure to take a listen to the podcast below and view the guide. You can find more HR resources by visiting the GovLoop Guide to Workforce Planning Homepage. The first section ofRead… Read more »

Moving Forward with Innovation by Looking Back

Most organizations have their unfortunate history of major initiatives thrust on them by well-meaning executives and zealous consultants: total quality, six sigma, employee engagement, knowledge management, and other fads. While all can have their value, the reality of a sudden change in direction – “something completely different” – is a huge leap that often failsRead… Read more »

Managing Risk the Smart Way

Which risks can be managed using a compliance model vs. which risks need other approaches? Robert Kaplan and Anette Mikes provide a framework in a great Harvard Business Review article. In their HBR article, “Managing Risks: A New Framework,” Kaplan and Mikes say: “risk management is too often treated as a compliance issue that canRead… Read more »

Regardless of the speed of change in our “modern” times, the idea of planning for the longer term remains a critical endeavor, perhaps even more critical than ever before because of the tools for rapid communications which help us to transcend time and space as never before. As thinking creatures we plan by nature; indeed,Read… Read more »

Do you speak government?

I wanted to share this post with GovLoopers because it’s relevant to communicating both on behalf of — and to — government agencies. Would love to hear your thoughts: Part of being a good communicator is bridging the legitimacy gap with your audience. If you send a brochure or a blog post to an ArmyRead… Read more »