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What you need to know about Unemployment (if you need it)

So… I’m hoping that none of you need to visit me at the office anytime soon – because that is not awesome. However, it’s better to face the beast prepared – so here’s what Federal Employees may want to know about filing for unemployment. BIG DISCLAIMER: Unemployment is a state program and it varies whereRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Public Sector Employment Isn’t So Pretty

This past Tuesday, I read a headline that the United States Postal Service was cutting 10 districts, and 7,500 administrative positions. I thought to myself here we go with Federal layoffs – I’m happy to report this isn’t so! If you research further, these position reductions will take place through attrition as eligible workers retireRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Still Left Standing in the Unemployment Line? Six R’s to Reemployment.

2010 is now in the past. If you’ve been out of work for what seems like eternity, I suggest making a few subtle changes to your job search in 2011. Last year I offered up some tips/ideas/suggestions, etc. in my weekly HR=Humans Represent Blogs. This year, I suggest shaking things up a bit – expandRead… Read more »

War on Talent? Really?!

I recently read an interesting article on the recession and its effects on an employee’s relationship with their employer. The findings they released last week are thought provoking to say the least. A little about the study – it was a global study (Global Workforce Study from Towers Watson which concluded January 2010) of overRead… Read more »

Tax Credit for Adding Staff — The Answer to Job Creation?

Looks like there’s been talk again in the last couple of weeks to implement a strategy used by the Carter administration in the late 1970’s — offer employers a tax credit for each full-time hire they make! Evidently there’s more than one proposal which are getting bipartisan support in Congress. Probably due to the factRead… Read more »

Did you know? The Federal Job Numbers

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster By Monster Government Solutions Team While the country has been faced with the highest unemployment numbers in over two decades, the federal government is currently struggling to fill jobs with qualified candidates. According to our numbers at Monster, agencies using Monster Hiring Management posted 234,144 vacancies across 36 federalRead… Read more »

1 in 7 NEET young people died within 10 years in a recent study

A recent study in the North of England showed that one in seven 16-24 year old ‘NEETs’ – those not in Education, Employment or Training – died within ten years of falling out of the system. Following this report Jon Coles, the director general of schools, said he was ‘profoundly shocked’. 21 years ago IRead… Read more »

Breaking Down the Numbers

Originally posted on Unleash the Monster No doubt about it, unemployment numbers in the United States are at an all time high. With over 14 million people unemployed, there are more than 3 million jobs that employers are actively recruiting for but so far have been unable to fill. Obviously, there is a disconnect. ThereRead… Read more »