Is Your State Ready for the Midterms?

With midterm elections around the corner, candy and trick-or-treating aren’t the only things on the mind. People are also thinking about voting. For everyday citizens, this constitutes mulling over candidates and political parties. For state administrators, however, this involves reviewing and certifying that voting and registration systems are adequately set in place. Shortly after the… Read more »


Is Our Healthcare System at a Breaking Point?

Is our current healthcare system reaching a breaking point? A recent IBM infographic and research report points to yes. The infographic notes that 17.6% of U.S. GDP is consumed by healthcare spending, 9 million deaths are due to preventable risks, and half a trillion in annual costs could be avoided by improving medicine adherence. “Perhaps… Read more »

Digital World

GovLoop Training: Information Governance Strategies in the Era of Big Data

All words ever spoken by human beings = 5 Exabytes of data. 1000 Exabytes = 1 Zetabyte. Current world data = 7.9 Zetabytes. Ponder that for a second. Data on such a vast scale is hard to fathom. Especially as it growing exponentially, estimated to reach a dumbfounding 40 Zetabytes by 2022. A much simpler… Read more »


Your ECM Crash Course

Last month we talked about the 10 benefits of going paperless. But how can your agency execute on a paperless vision? It all starts with understanding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. GovLoop and Hyland, a market leader in ECM technology, created a variety of resources to help you understand the importance of ECM (see our… Read more »


How To Manage Difficult Personality Types

You’ll find all types in an office, right? As a manager with a team ranging from the type A worker bee who’s more detail-oriented than even you are to the brilliant-yet-frustrating creative who’s full of fantastic ideas but lacks follow-through, your communication style needs to be flexible. A good manager understands that each employee requires… Read more »


Citizen Engagement: How Government is Improving Customer Service

The customer is always right. If you’ve ever worked at any retailer, restaurant, or franchised store, you may have gotten a lecture or two from your manager that included this phrase. And there is definitely truth behind it. Like any good retail establishment, successful government agencies are centered on meeting the needs of the public… Read more »

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Digital Communications & the Rise of the CMO

CMO. CDO. CXO. Just a few acronyms for the increasingly important job that focuses on customer experience and digital communications. (For now, let’s just stick with CMO: Chief Marketing Officer.) At GovLoop’s Wednesday event, The Citizen & the Government: How They Connect, Brian Paget, Technical Director for Content & Analytics at Adobe, and David Yang, Vice… Read more »