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Only GIS Can Prevent Forest Fires

Esri and GovLoop recently hosted a meetup showcasing how GIS solutions can make it easier than ever before to create online mapping applications. Featured at the event was a case study from Global Forest Watch, which is “a new dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system, designed to empower people everywhere to better manage forests…. Read more »

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Eyes in the Sky: Video Surveillance Made Simpler

Protecting your people, places and data is of paramount importance for governments. One way to increase security is to add more video surveillance, but storing all of that data can overwhelm your system. Network video is changing how state and local governments view the traditional security environment. Network video systems are part of the evolution… Read more »


Up in the Clouds: Tech Solutions for States

“We reduce their costs and improve their performance” – Tom Ruff At the end of the day, state and local budgets are shrinking – but demand and expectations for government services are going up. So how can state and local IT offices keep up? In GovLoop’s new guide, From the State House to the County Clerk… Read more »

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Uncovering State And Local Gov’s 15 Hidden Successes

From garbage trucks to vacant lots, cities and states are often tasked with the thankless job of cleaning up a community’s mess. These are tasks that are often overlooked, but are critical to keeping a community vibrant. But even in these sometimes thankless jobs, there are real innovations happening. Take Miami-Dade County where they are… Read more »

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Look at the Innovations Coming From States

Government innovation is happening at all levels of government. During the 2014 National Association of Chief Information Officers annual conference, the winners of the Recognition Awards were unveiled. The 10 finalists were selected for their outstanding achievement in the field of information technology. Below are my favorite awards from last night. Take a look at the… Read more »

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Technology’s Role in Powering Open Data Initiatives

Below is an excerpt from GovLoop’s latest guide, Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution. You can access the full guide here. Recently, Audie Hittle, federal chief technology officer, Isilon Storage Division, EMC Corporation, sat down with GovLoop to discuss how data can transform the federal government. GovLoop: How do you see big data and open… Read more »

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I Get By With A Little Help From My CIO Friends

Back in 1967, the Beatles released, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which featured the song, “I Get Buy with a Little Help from my Friends.” The song could easily be the mantra of the 2014 NASCIO Raising the Bar Conference. The annual summit brings together Chief Information Officers from across the country and their deputies. The… Read more »


Is Your Web Site a Digital File Cabinet?

The end of the fiscal year is drawing near and it is also to good time to begin a review of your web content to ensure it is still engaging for your target audience. Over the years, the technology industry developed more diverse online tools to help create interactive web content. However, good web content… Read more »