What We’ve Accomplished in 2010

Hey everyone – Happy New years! First of all I want to thank everyone for an amazing 2010 at GovLoop. We’ve spent the last few weeks highlighting the best of GovLoop content from blogs, discussions, to groups. But outside of great content, I’d love to thank everyone for what we’ve accomplished together this year as… Read more »

Useful Alert! Resource Guide on Public Engagement

Woah…useful alert here! Ever go to a town meeting in person or virtually only to witness exploding emotion, frustration, and basically pandemonium? Turning these forums around into useful, productive, and encouraging experiences is the goal of the National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation. In October of this year, NCDD published a sweet Resource Guide on… Read more »

Engineering Virality

Today, I came across this excerpt on “engineering virality,” which, ironically, has been on my mind for the past few days. My conclusion? Virality can’t really be engineered or replicated with any more confidence than a new movie, book, or pop song can be guaranteed to top the charts. Instead, you’re much more likely to… Read more »

3 Ways Cities and States Can Increase Revenue

2010 has been a tough year for state and local governments. From furloughs to layoffs to cutting services, the budget situation is dire. It’s pretty simple when you have a budget shortfall. You have two options – cut costs, increase revenue. Most of the focus has been on cutting costs but I think there should… Read more »


The 2010 Charity Challenge is a wrap! YOU invited your friends and family to join GovLoop – all in an effort to raise money for the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA). Well… The Challenge ended on December 21 and we’ve counted the number of new members to determine the final gift! Drumroll please…… Read more »