How-To: Run A Gov't Agency Twitter Feed - TSA Example

TSA Blogger Bob on @tsablogteam's Twitter Presence Why Engage? -Engage the Public -Debunk Myths and False Allegations -Explain the Why of Policies and Procedures -Humanize Workforce -Defend the Agency -Announce New Initiatives Twitter - Like throwing a stone in a pond Twitter Tips -Refrain from tooting thine own horn -Be responsive -Establish a relationship with... Read more »

2010 Census: The Millions of Details

Originally published on The Director's Blog I am continually impressed with the number of simultaneously moving parts in the big machine that is the 2010 Census. There are few organizations preparing to have a once-in-a-decade contact within a very short period of time with over 130 million households in the country. We have a massive... Read more »

2010 Census: The Next Reminder

Originally published on the The Director's Blog The 2010 Census forms are being delivered by the US Postal Service Monday-Wednesday or so throughout the country. This will be the second mailing to about 120 million households from the Census Bureau. We sent last week an advance letter, which is state-of-the-art practice in survey research. The... Read more »

Privacy News Highlights - March 8th Week

Biometrics CA – Public to be Consulted Before Biometrics Added to Passports Passport Canada has confirmed it will schedule consultations to gather public input before a plan to incorporate biometric technology into passports moves forward. The consultations are expected to begin in early April. Proponents of the plan say biometric passports, which include such data... Read more »

City of Sugar Land - Avoiding Social Media Turbulence

FY10 City Manager Established Strategic Project to figure out if we could do it and how to do it -Evaluate Policy Needs First-Establish Social Media as an Additional Official Commnication Tool Leadership wanted to know-What other local gov agencies currently using? Primarily interested in what other state of TX doing? -What info being communicated? -Policy/guidelines... Read more »

NASA Social Media Tips/Tricks

Tips/Tricks from NASA on Social Media: Want to host a tweetup? Center around event/conference Set up registration website Plan activities - things to see/touch, brief presentations, people to meet Interact with tweeters Be techno-ready electricity, wi-fi, cell access Share the tweetup experience Took a long time to get Internet access to Spacestation -lots of worries... Read more »