Librarians light up the listservs

Librarians have been using this “new” media for 15 years. No surprise when they were the last bastion of relevant information during a recent constitutional rights dustup in America. Library listservs are like a Twitter email stream. And they do get going at an incredible pace with statewide and national networks. Information exchange on a… Read more »

Anti-Social Networking

This is a cautionary post for those fearless space travelers who might venture too close to the unforgiving Black Hole of Social Networks. Some of us may have already found our atoms placed end-to-end as we’ve been MySpaced, Friendstered, Facebooked, Twittered, Twined, and LinkedIn. Just remember, there is nothing new under the stars. Social Networking… Read more »

Technology and the State Department

This is taken directly from the transcript posted on the Department of State’s website (Town Hall Meeting held at the US State Department on February 4th, 2009). I thought a question on technolgy might interest some of you…if you are interested in reading the whole transcript, visit: MODERATOR: Okay, our next question comes from… Read more »

Making Social Media out of New Media

As government connects with citizens through new and existing social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and through video and imagery publishing sites like YouTube and Flickr, they are finding new outlets for publishing information. While using these new streams demonstrate governments’ progress to use new media, in many cases they are simply being used to… Read more »

Web 2.0 and US Government

From Social Media and Web 2.0 in Government What Is Social Media and Web 2.0? Social Media and Web 2.0 are umbrella terms that define the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and content creation. Social media use the “wisdom of crowds” to connect information in a collaborative manner online. Through social… Read more »