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I had my own Wimbledon Moment (or… “Life Lessons from Tennis”)

I had my own Wimbledon moment this week. Played tennis with a friend to a 5-5 tie Tuesday morning. Then like Mahut I finished that set this morning and lost 8-6 and then lost the 2nd set 6-2. Life lessons from tennis… I play better if I’m not thinking ahead to the next point orRead… Read more »

Deep Thoughts About Social Media

I was a bit sleepless last night and began thinking about some of the deep thoughts of social media that continue to resonate with me long after I’ve heard them. The first was a statement made at Gov2.0 camp I believe (heard vicariously through two co-workers that attended): “Social media is free, like a puppyRead… Read more »

FHWA survey of State DOT use of Web 2.0 tools

We (Washington State Department of Transportation) were fortunate enough to be featured in a research study done by the Volpe Institute through FHWA surveying uses of social media tools by transportation agencies: The report offers a good overview of how transportation agencies are using social media each in their own distinct ways to reachRead… Read more »

Great Commercial,! Why Can’t I Find It On YouTube?

If you’ve been watching CNN recently, you’ve probably seen the commercial – you know, the one where there are two guys getting rained on under floating rooves. One is “having a problem.” The other: dry and secure. I wanted to see it again, so I quickly went to YouTube to see if I couldRead… Read more »

The digital divide in the age of Gov 2.0: another perspective

It might have different definitions, but a simple one by Bharat Mehra defines digital divide as “the troubling gap between those who use computers and the Internet and those who do not“. The term is usually incorporated in e-Government programas as a challenge need to be tackled to secure more up-take of government online servicesRead… Read more »

Chatting with Carol Spencer, Web Manager for Morris County, New Jersey

This past weekend I was listening to Government 2.0 Radio and the guest was Carol Spencer, Web Manager for Morris County, New Jersey. Carol brings some truly unique insights to this role based upon her past roles as an elected official and multiple years spent in Marketing at IBM. I followed up with Carol afterRead… Read more »

Three Government Agencies Take Home First Annual NVTC Social Media Awards

On June 15, 2010, the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Social Media Committee hosted its first annual social media awards at K Street Lounge in Washington, D.C. The ceremony was part of #dcweek and recognized social media programs in six categories (see winners below). You may notice that half of the winners were government organizations: DepartmentRead… Read more »

Government 2.0…it can be a reality

Australian public policy blog, Unleashed, has published a piece by me entitled Government 2.0…it can be a reality on what it would take to transform government to really get Government 2.0 right. At around 800 words, it doesn’t go deep. It’s just the first of several pieces I intend writing on this theme. I’d beRead… Read more »

Everything I know about social media I learned from my dog

My deep dark secret is that my dog is on Facebook and Twitter and has more friends and followers than my personal accounts. He also blogs. While I was already active on Twitter, Facebook and blogging for Virginia State Parks, it took my experience with Yoda (that’s my dog’s name) to see the power ofRead… Read more »

The prosaic politics of the tweet

View original post at the acidlabs blog. Bernard Keane has an especially interesting piece in Crikey entitled Twitter and the prosaic reality of Digital Democracy (registration required). It’s an insightful look at the emergence of Australian politicians into the world of social media and just how well (or not) they are doing. Of particular noteRead… Read more »