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GBE101: strategies for business development under the social network umbrella

by Donna L. Quesinberry
Government Business Examiner

In the technological hour of 2010 there are so many inroads to business development that just don’t employ legacy plans of action.

We now enjoy Pod-casting, Wikis and Wikipedia, Social Networks (SNS), Videographies, Webinars, SlideShares, YouTube videos, TelePresence, inVirtual communications, etc. Add to this laundry list of new conventions the trade show tradition, resplendent marketing wares such as capabilities statements, collateral, pens, business cards, glossies, slicks, mugs, t-shirts and of course, word-of-mouth advertising.

Getting recognized and getting business have become horse and cart activities, does a business come first or does acquiring business come first? Establishing a working pipeline rather than a smoking pipe-dream is the goal of every business developer.

What drives development practices in 2010?

This is a question that the Government Business Examiner (GBE) views over and over throughout SNS hubs and thoroughfares. Entire seminar series are being created as you read this article on how to employ the newest developmental technologies into the 2010 scheme for business developers.

GBE will introduce each of these aforementioned in our business development series, which will encompass one item per week with links to relevant information from industry forerunners.

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For more information:

A Guide to Business Development 2.0, Written by Alex Iskold, April 10, 2008.

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