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Change Happens—How Do You Manage It?

Change Management is a planned approach to transitioning the people of an organization through a business transformation. A unique problem with the implementation of a new system, program or strategy, is the natural resistance of certain individuals to change of any kind. Frequently, this resistance results from personnel not understanding the issues involved. It isRead… Read more »

Creating Public/Private Partnerships in Development Services

Does your organization strive to get customers involved in development services-related performance? Most communities have recognized that creating a public/private partnership for managing performance is essential for existence. Customers want you to succeed, but they have to be involved to help you. Experience has shown that creating a partnership, involving customers sincerely in your day-to-dayRead… Read more »

“Suspend Disbelief”

Your government agency may have embarked upon a journey to improve customer service in the development processing system. A number of significant changes may be anticipated, including a more co-located “one-stop” development services center, shifting to a project-oriented approach when processing applications, and an enhanced information technology and communication system. Can these changes happen? TheyRead… Read more »