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What do Mediators Do? Here is one example

I’ve been reading Kenneth Clokes great book entitled “Mediating Dangerously.” Chapter Three is titled “Honesty and Empathy: Speaking the Unspeakable.” I am often at a loss for words in explaining what Mediators do, and I believe Ken offers at least part of the answer here: “Increasing the depth and quality of empathy and honesty encouragesRead… Read more »

The GovLoop Leadership Guide Companion (2 of 3): Transforming the Toughest Employees and Teams

The Series Welcome to the second of three posts intended to help you get the most out of GovLoop’s new leadership guide: 10 Traits of a Great Government Leader. Each of these posts covers a different theme and, taken together, cover all ten traits in the leadership guide. Our intent is to provide you withRead… Read more »

Bridging the International Corporate Geo-Cultural Divide or Presenter Beware and Buyer Be Aware

For the first time I was accused of being “Amero-centric.” This caught me off guard as I tend to see life as double-edged; the glass is frequently both half full and half empty. I’m trained to see the strengths and potentialities, vulnerabilities and faults of individuals, groups, and systems. I’m a big fan of F.Read… Read more »

Taking Kaleidoscopic AIM: Designing a Matrix for “Cognitive-Communication” Consciousness

[If you do not wish to receive my free mailings, email [email protected]] Hi, As we rapidly stream through the holiday season and New Year, I hope you can reconnect with loved ones, whether in person or electronically. I hope too you will take the time to pause and recall both fond memories and any feelingsRead… Read more »

Two Communicational Tools Providing Perspective, Patience and Presence: Message and Mantra for Transforming Reaction into Response

Increasingly, research is showing a direct correlation between employee productivity, business profitability, and the degree to which employees feel their employers are concerned about their personal and professional welfare. (See The 2010 AMA Handbook of Leadership.) For example, in the groundbreaking work, First Break All the Rules: What the Greatest Managers Do Differently (Marcus BuckinghamRead… Read more »

Using Conflict As a Tool for Growth: 3 Steps to Resolution

This blog is an excerpt from Kathleen’s upcoming book Living the Leadership Choice. Join the Leadership Connection community to receive updates and exclusive content. “Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging the relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” – William James One ofRead… Read more »

North (Dakota) toward Home: Designing Diversity – an Integrative Incubator for “Individual Creativity” and “Interactive Community”

Confession time: I owe North Dakota an apology. About six months ago, in light of the economic pressures on government employees, budget cuts and downsizings, further calls for their jobs or at least slashing their pensions, I wrote a satirical “Shrink Rap” ditty called “The Reorg Rag.” It started: It can’t happen here, I haveRead… Read more »

The Evolution of Team Synergy: Transforming Parts into Partners

That the term “synergy” keeps showing up on my mental radar and calendar is not surprising. But yesterday, I experienced the “mother nature” variation. Meandering along the banks of the Chagrin River, 20 miles east of Cleveland, I stepped off the heavily wooded path at the confluence point of two streaming tributaries. Walking along aRead… Read more »

Starting a “Gentoring” ™Program: Gen X-Y Barriers to Bridging the Generational-Digital Divide

Starting a “Gentoring” ™Program: Barriers to Bridging the Generational-Digital Divide – Gen Xers and Millennial “Hot Buttons” In the first two segments of my Gentoring essay, a) the concepts of Gentor ™ and Gentoring ™ were introduced (“Gentoring” ™: Building a New Mentoring Role for Bridging the Generational-Digital Divide or “Don’t Be Afraid to PetRead… Read more »

From Passionate Process to Poetic and Playful Puzzle – Part I: The Art of Reviving and Writing “The Reorg Rag” ™

As I open this essay, please forgive an immodest turn. Upon reading or hearing one of my edgy or catchy phrasings, for example, the title of my book, Practice Safe Stress, or a motivational mantra, such as, “Do know your limits and don’t limit your ‘No’s,” I often receive some verbal or nonverbal sign ofRead… Read more »