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Government Agency Mobile Applications Leave Room for Improvement

The White Horse Digital Futures Group’s exclusive report provides feedback for 30 citizen-focused government mobile applications, plus mobile development guidelines helpful for public or private organizations. “The number of smartphone users in the U.S. is approaching the 100 million user mark. Government bears a responsibility to ensure… (they) use available resources effectively and produce betterRead… Read more »

Utility Workers to get checked By Joshua Jacobs

It was just last week that I released a news article explaining the dire condition that the United States’ power grid is in, both technologically speaking and in terms of security from a terror attack. Well it’s time to turn that article into some sort of blog or discussion because coincidentally the security issue hasRead… Read more »

GovBytes: FBI Releases Child Protection iPhone App

According to the FBI, a child goes missing approximately every 40 seconds. Parents can now improve their chances of locating a lost child with the FBI’s new Child ID iPhone application. The free app allows parents to store photos and othe identifying data on their phone. In the event that a child goes missing, theRead… Read more »

Preparing for the Fight

Originally posted on By Prem Iyer, Director of Information Security at Iron Bow Technologies Despite a reported reduction in the number of cyber attacks, major brands and government agencies across the globe have been the targets of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. A notorious hacker group, LulzSec, has recently infiltrated government Web sites belonging toRead… Read more »

Stowaway: Drawing a line in the sand for Government agencies responsible for transportation security-

By Josh Jacobs Details continue to emerge from a story that broke at the end of June concerning a Nigerian American who bypassed three separate layers of airport security in New York and successfully flew to Los Angeles. It wasn’t until mid-flight that the suspect was asked to present his boarding pass and ID. AfterRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Some Smell Hypocrisy In The FBI’s Upper Ranks

The decision by President Obama to request that FBI Director Robert Mueller be retained beyond the end of his 10-year term has stoked new complaints by some agents about a policy Mueller put in place shortly after 9/11. Jerry Markon of the Washington Post writes: The FBI’s policy, which is unusual among law enforcement agencies,Read… Read more »

Mobile Cybersecurity…Things Really Have Gotten Wild!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the AFFIRM Luncheon for an awesome talk on the state of cybercrime worldwide. Donald Codling, Unit Chief and DHS Liaison, Cyber Division from the FBI, took us through a very informative presentation on the topic of cybercrime on a mobile scale. I never knew there wereRead… Read more »

Where Would Diversity Be In America if YouTube Was Invented During Martin Luther King Jr’s Era.

Forty eight years ago,Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led approximately 250,000 men,women, and children to Washington DC for a March for Freedom and Jobs. In 1963 black unemployment was as high as 11%, while unemployments was only 6% for whites. A white family earned, on average about $6,500.00 a year while a black family earnedRead… Read more »

FBI = Face-off on Badge Insignia

Here’s a recent article on the battle that has begun between Wikipedia and the FBI: FBI to Wikipedia: Remove our seal by John D. Sutter, (CNN) — The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has threatened Wikipedia with legal action if the online encyclopedia doesn’t remove the FBI’s seal from its site. The seal is featuredRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Roundup (March 12 Edition)

The State Department visualizes data, the FBI has an app for that, the First Lady offers prizes to get kids moving, and the Department of Homeland Security sniffs out a unique mobile application, all in this week’s version of the Rock Creek Roundup. –Earlier this week, the State Department, in conjunction with the University ofRead… Read more »