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Cost Proposal Strategy for Proposal Managers

Although the government often states that cost is the least important factor in proposal evaluation, and that they buy on best value, statistics show that cost is the deciding factor in more than 90% of the federal contract awards. In other words, cost is incredibly important if you want to win. Proposal managers, however, workRead… Read more »

An Early Win for CfA’s DC Project: SF Addressing System Open-Sourced

We at Code for America are excited to celebrate an early win for open government and our DC project. A multimillion dollar IT project, developed for the the City and County of San Francisco, is now available at no cost to any government that needs it. It’s an important step towards a new model ofRead… Read more »

Simplifying Cloud Computing

Simplifying Cloud Computing The phrase cloud computing seems to be used more and more, but it’s usually followed by…exactly what is that anyway? Over the next week I’m going to try to simplify cloud computing for you. The best-case scenario would be to have you engaged with your IT Department or IT Vendor in aRead… Read more »

Dreams for Kids + Holiday for Hope

Back in October, GovLoop + GovDelivery teamed up with Dreams for Kids. Meeting the volunteers and members of this organization proved to us one thing: THEY ROCK. They are ceaselessly energetic, giving, and entertaining. What we didn’t know at the time, is that they also know how to pull-off amazing parties. So with that, I’dRead… Read more »

Calling Citizen Developers – Opportunity to make a difference!

Calling all citizen developers who may be interested in some pro bono geektastic work. The Council of the District of Columbia is looking for a few good geeks and geekets to do a pilot citizen engagement app to use within the council member’s office. The idea is to leverage open source hosted platforms or cloudRead… Read more »

Want Lots of Responses to Your Contest? Think PR!

Alice Lipowicz of Federal Computer Week wrote an interesting article about different government contests going on – some very successful, some not so much: I expect we’ll be seeing more of this trend, so if you’re planning to try this approach, I’d like to offer some advice on how to ensure your organization’s contestsRead… Read more »

Weekly Round-up September 24, 2010

What we read this week at The IBM Center for the Business of Government: Gadi Ben-Yehuda Spy drones for your iPhone! I found two “Welcome to the Age of Skynet” toys this week: Rovio, a three-wheel robot with a camera that you can control over the the Web, and the very Terminator Salvation Parrot AR,Read… Read more »

Weekly Round-up September 3, 2010

Here are the articles that caught our attention this week: Gadi Ben-Yehuda Of course, no one should miss my incredibly insightful and unfathomably well-written post “Meeting Half-way: Becoming Citizen 2.0.” But other people published material that you should read. Check out: Center for Democracy and Technology – Your Great Granddaddy Had Syphilis And Now EveryoneRead… Read more »

CB2: QR Codes for Crisis Response

What is that goofy-looking barcode to your right, you ask? It’s called a QR (Quick Response) Code and it can store over 4,000 alphanumeric characters in this two dimensional black and white image. Think of it as a cryptogram or cipher readable by mobile devices. The one displayed here for instance actually reads, “GovLoop isRead… Read more »

American Progress Survey: Gen Y Wants Smarter, not Smaller, Government; Implementation Is Key

The Center for American Progress (CAP) found that millennials, defined as Americans between the ages of 18 and 32, have far greater faith in and expectations of government than their older compatriots. This proved true regardless of political affiliation or ideological bent. Two graphs from the report, “The Generation Gap on Government,” drive home theRead… Read more »