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How GIS Works to Combat Fraud

GIS technology can be used to help address fraud, waste and abuse in several different ways. Organizations benefit from closely examining location-based factors to identify hot spots, regional variations and clusters, such as co-locations of services. Then, real-time data analysis shows spatial trends that inform predictions about future needs and issues — or, in this… Read more »

Ummm Can Your Drone Fly Here????

Drones. Those unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that everyone from Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy to the Dalai Lama are taking a turn at piloting. Drones are quickly changing the information landscape with the possibility of being the most highly disruptive technology since the cell phone. They are true robots, tasked by their human masters for all typesRead… Read more »

Maps on Apps and Apps on Maps – GIS Beyond the Office

Long gone are they days where workers are tied to their desks. In fact, people increasingly rely on mobile devices to access information – especially those in field staff positions. Those mobile workers require fast, reliable location-based apps to get their jobs done. But how do you do that effectively? At GovLoop and Esri’s Meet UpRead… Read more »

The Importance of a Real-Time View of a City

This blog post is an excerpt from our recent industry perspective, High-Resolution Imagery: Helping City Managers Better Serve Their Communities. To read the full piece, head here. To make informed decisions confidently, city managers need the full picture. This means access to highly detailed, highly accurate and frequently updated imagery. Space technologies can map anRead… Read more »