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Digital Literacy

It strikes me that digital literacy is becoming more and more important, as more and more of the things we do in life are digitalised. It helps to understand how computers work if you want to buy some music these days, or watch a film, or read a book. Not just the physcial act ofRead… Read more »

Answering Joshua Millsapps’ Question: Is remote work, too remote?

Joshua, in your recent blog you asked for response to the question, “Is remote work, too remote?” You accurately detailed many of challenges that are faced during the transition from a physical office to some form of remote work. After having spent more than a decade as a remote worker, my answer to your questionRead… Read more »

The New Organizational Structure and Telework

The future of our US economy may continue to fluctuate and will be very different than in the past or the present time. The Federal government reporting and operational structure will need to be streamlined and reorganized to reduce operating costs and to create an efficient, low cost Federal government. By implementing the Telework ActRead… Read more »

Lead or Lag

There are generational differences; therefore, recruitment strategy of the future will be and must be different. There will be a shortage of experienced workers as babyboomers will retire in large numbers. More than ever, organizations will need to rethink as to how to attract and retain knowlegable and experienced employees. I have addressed the importanceRead… Read more »

No Medical Degree Required for these 5 Hot Careers!

“It’s no secret that careers in health care are booming. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor expects the health care and social assistance industry to add 5.6 million jobs from 2010 to 2020 – more than any other field.” The U.S. Department of Labor projects 68,000 new medical and health services manager jobs toRead… Read more »

2012 Best Recruiter Celebration and Recognition for Recruiting Leadership by Tim Strike, Director Staffing and Recruiting, General Dynamics IT

The Best Recruiter Celebration is the recognition of all the recruiters who have been voted by the security cleared job seekers over the last year at the Cleared Job Fairs. Over 150 recruiters were recognized this year at a breakfast celebration which included a keynote presentation by Gerry Crispin of Career Crossroads. Gerry commended ClearedJobs.NetRead… Read more »

Job Seekers: Get this *FREE* through Monday – eBook Helps Job Hunters During the Holidays (Only 99 cents after Monday)

“What Color Is Your Parachute?” author Richard N. (Dick) Bolles and 26 other Job-Hunt Experts contributed over 100 tips to help job seekers leverage the year-end holidays for their job hunt in an ebook that will be FREE from Thanksgiving Day through midnight on Monday, November 26. Job hunters who are tempted to take aRead… Read more »

Bring Back The President’s Management Agenda

The Obama Administration should consider implementing a President’s Management Agenda (PMA) in its second term. The PMA structure used during the Bush administration clearly articulated management goals in areas such as financial accountability, human resources, competitive sourcing, e.government, and budget and performance integration. The PMA scorecard provided transparency with respect to status and results andRead… Read more » Offers a Simple Way to Find and Apply for Government and Charity Services

Finally, there is an online one-stop-shop for human services around the country. Now people who are looking for services ranging from health care support services to food pantries to care for disabled children can type in their zip code and find a range of services in their area within seconds. If finding movie times onlineRead… Read more »