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Recruitment 411: Video Builds the Internet Star

Last week I attended the Government Video Solutions Forum. There were panel discussions about everything from content creation to the use of video for intelligence analysis. While it was all informative, one statement really stood out as the simplest, yet most profound one made all day: If you want your outreach to be successful –Read… Read more »

Recruitment 411: To Telework or Not to Telework

The other day some co-workers and I were discussing how many members of our staff telework – or as the IRS calls it, “flexiplace.” While teleworking certainly has its benefits, it can also have drawbacks, including fewer opportunities for networking. It didn’t surprise me that nearly every member of our staff works some variation ofRead… Read more »

The Mobile Genie is Out of the Bottle!

I just got back from another wonderful AFFIRM Luncheon for a great discussion about the changing landscape for mobility in the government workforce. The event began with insightful opening remarks from Wyatt Kash, Editorial Director for AOL Government. Kash addressed the changes that smart devices have brought to the way we connect and work andRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Marketing is Alive and Well on Facebook

A co-worker recently sent me a Fortune magazine article, Facebook: Where marketing efforts go to die? Knowing Facebook is an essential element of our recruitment marketing, I was immediately curious. As I started reading, I realized the article was talking more about product marketing than marketing a brand like we do at the IRS. WithRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Don’t talk about it, tweet about it.

Thanks to Twitter, it’s as easy to keep up with your favorite celebrity as it is to stay in touch with your best friend. An estimated 200 million users send more than 65 million tweets every day. These days, if you want people to talk about it, you should tweet about it. Our Twitter approachRead… Read more »

Tell Us What Do You think Will happen to Small Businesses in a Government Shut Down

In 1996 Tom Daschle called the last shut down a premeditated conspiracy to impact small businesses and shut down the economy. Today we want to know the hard facts. Perhaps there is something we can learn especially from contracting officers, and program managers about what to expect from a Government Shut down. What will aRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Invaluable Internships

At many schools, internships have become a required part of the college curriculum. It’s easy to understand why; no class project or case study is ever going to be as valuable as hands-on experience. Many students have very specific career goals – often knowing exactly where they want to work. An internship gives them aRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Federal jobs still among most desirable

Universum just released their 2010 American Student Survey’s list of top employers for business majors – the IRS came in at #23. Universum is a marketing and branding firm, which surveyed more than 56,000 students based on their field of study. We’re not trying to brag on ourselves here – several other government agencies madeRead… Read more »