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OMB Clarifies Travel and Conference Attendance Policies

by Allan Rubin, Vice President, Marketing The GSA conference scandal has crept back into the news as the IRS has encountered its own high-profile spending scrutiny. So I found it noteworthy when this item crossed my desk today. The Office of Management and Budget just issued a “Controller Alert” to all Federal agencies, acknowledging theRead… Read more »

IRS Scandal

Ever since this scandal broke, on or about the 14th of May, I have struggled to see what the beef is, other than some effort by some to gain political traction for their agenda. The first problem I have: I don’t believe that any organization which engages in political activity should be granted tax exemptRead… Read more »

A New Scandal Brewing at IRS – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Last March the Office of Management and Budget unveiled PortfolioStat. The goal was simple, help agencies save time, money and resources by giving them a tool to asses their portfolio management process. We talk to OMB’s Andrew McMahon about how PortfolioStat is going one year later. The SEVEN stories that impactRead… Read more »

5 Leadership Lessons from the IRS Scandal – Plus Your Memorial Day Reads!

Almost two weeks have passed since the Internal Revenue Service first publicly admitted to singling out conservative groups. What we know: In short, the IRS targeted certain conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny at beginning in 2010, according to an inspector general’s report. Lois G. Lerner, the agency official who oversees tax-exempt groups,Read… Read more »

Senate Won’t Investigate IRS – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: A couple of years ago it seemed you couldn’t talk about government without thinking about dashboards. They were everywhere. But then the fad started to fade. But now with the emergence of big data and data analytics, dashboards are making a resurgence. The SEVEN stories that impact your life Sen. MaxRead… Read more »

Using Social Media for Recruiting – For Government Employees

Social media has changed the world of recruiting. Never before have federal agencies had such access to top talent. At our next DigitalGov University webinar Using Social Media for Recruitment you can learn how to use these tools to maximize your recruitment outreach and put your messages in front of the widest audience of qualifiedRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: An Employee’s Story: Darryl Eaton

One of things we enjoy discussing on this blog are the success stories of our employees. Since October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it’s perfect time to introduce you to Darryl Eaton. Darryl’s story is just one example of the great things that happen when we celebrate the abilities of all employees. For nearlyRead… Read more »

Agencies Under Scrutiny to Provide Better Customer Service

Providing the highest level of customer service is paramount for any industry. For the federal government – whether it’s the I.R.S or the Department of Veterans Affairs – a diverse audience of citizens, military personnel and other government employees make the requirements of good customer service more complex than in other businesses. A new bipartisanRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Staying Positive and Proud to be a Govie

For the month of July, Eric Erickson will be taking over this blog from Julie. Eric is Julie’s ‘work husband’ from the IRS Recruitment office. My 92-year old grandfather passed away a couple weeks ago. Along with my younger cousin, I was asked to give a eulogy, and was – naturally – more than happyRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: What’s Missing in Today’s World of Online Recruitment?

Today’s guest blogger is Steve Mindel, IRS recruiter for Illinois and Wisconsin. Over the past several months, I have been taking advantage of virtual recruitment resources. These tools have proven to provide a great way to communicate to a wider audience. After taking several months to focus on this new strategy, I realized something wasRead… Read more »