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Reflections on Readers’ Responses to “Requiem for a ‘Last Angry Man’”

As a writer and communicator, this has been an unprecedented week. First, I took the plunge and wrote about my dad’s recent death while also reflecting on his immigrant family “fight to life” struggles and the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows of a father-son relationship. (For the essay, email [email protected] or Click here:Read… Read more »

The Art of Letting Go: Freeing Up Grief, Defusing Power Struggles and Inspiring Flow

The phrase “letting go” has long been a vital part of my stress management overview, especially related to breaking the “erosive spiral” of that all-consuming “b”-word. (When it comes to stress, actually, a number of emotionally charged “b” words jump to mind, for example, “botox,” or when you have a BMW colleague, which I recentlyRead… Read more »

Foreclosure: Recovery

FORECLOSURE GOD’S STYLE Do you know this lady? Oh, of course you do! She’s that kind little lady who lives next door, she’s the one who bakes cookies for the children in the neighborhood at Christmas or just whenever. She’s a grandmother and loving wife but her husband is gone now so she lives allRead… Read more »

The Stress Doc’s Stages of Grief: Discovering Purpose and Possibility in Trying Times

With all the uncertainty and stress in our economic-job climate (not to mention natural and man-made disasters), most of us can use a refresher on how to grapple with loss and change, how to have the courage to both persist and to let go, how to transform the danger into opportunity…how to grow stronger, wiserRead… Read more »

The Stress Doc’s “Top Ten Commandments” for Transforming Reorganizational Crisis: Generating the Four “R”s – Relief and Reflection, Rejuvenation and Recommitment – Part I

This past week I led programs with Metro-DC city and county government agencies that are in the throes of reorganization: a) the quasi-private/city government agency is anticipating major overhauls and upgrades to their information processing systems which may result in significant job restructuring and redesign, as well as possible job loss, b) the county governmentRead… Read more »

Gratitude….Practicing Thanks This Thanksgiving!

I know that we are all inundated with news events that have placed so much stress on us! Our questionable economy, foreclosures, rising health care cost, military family away from home, and continued job loss has overwhelmed many. You may have read a similar article I wrote last year regarding showing gratitude but I thinkRead… Read more »

“Letting Go” and Transforming Your Intimate FOE — Fear of Exposure: Part II

Part I of this two-part essay focused on my format for illustrating the concept of “Letting Go” during a 20-minute after dinner keynote for the career transition/support group, Forty Plus. [Email [email protected] for this essay.] I reviewed both the dynamics and dangers of not being able to “let go”: “if you have invested so muchRead… Read more »

Career Disruption Stress or Surviving “The Jack Benny Dilemma”: When It Really Is “Your Money or Your Life”

This week I was the keynote speaker at the Forty Plus annual dinner (, a volunteer-based, Washington, DC, career transition/support group. In general, members are white collar types, e.g., federal employees, managers, IT professionals, academics, even some entrepreneurs, who are “in between jobs.” With only 20 minutes of speaking time, my subject was definitely apt,Read… Read more »

A Busy Women’s Retreat: “Turning Seeds of Dissolution into Fruitful Renewal” — From Each One Letting Go to All Helping One Another Grow

On the first weekend in March – mostly sunny weather, briskly seasonal temperatures without the customary roaring and “marching in” mountain winds – we had our first Busy Women’s Retreat at the serene, scenic Blue Mountain Retreat Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Maryland (near Harpers Ferry, WV). The Blue Mountain RetreatRead… Read more »

Mitigation = Successful Preparedness, Resiliency and Recovery

Mitigation = Successful Preparedness, Resiliency and Recovery Disasters have a very significant impact on our Nation and the world. This topic will focus primarily on one specific type of disaster and hazard within the United States, but it does not diminish the impact of this type disaster or other hazards on a global scale andRead… Read more »