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How should we collaborate?

As the Social Media Subcouncil continues working to develop strategic social media recommendations and guidelines, questions regarding practical social collaborative models have emerged. After considering several options, the Social Media Subcouncil has arrived at four possible collaborative models we can use to deliver recommendations and guidelines to the Federal Web Managers Council: • Social MediaRead… Read more »

Beware the Social Media Police

Note: This blog entry was also published on my Reach the Public Blog where there are other entries on government-to-citizen communication, social media, and Web 2.0. I was discussing online communication plans with one of our clients recently, and I heard something that surprised me. “We’d like to use more social media, but we don’tRead… Read more »

Looking for local govs with great websites that utilize Gov20 / Web20 / SocMed Technology

I’m working on my GovLoop Project of the Week for the first week of April. I’m looking for cool local government websites that utilize Gov20 / Web20 or Social Media technology to improve services, reduce costs, etc. If you know of some great local gov websites, please post them to my profile or message themRead… Read more »

Peanut Butter Blogging and Open Source Adoption

My colleague Scott Johnson wrote a couple of interesting blog posts over on the Rock Creek blog this week. One focuses on the UK government’s announcement that they’re moving toward using open source software whenever possible; the other highlight’s HHS’s smooth use of social media during the sticky peanut butter recall (pun intended.) Both ofRead… Read more »

Web 2.0 – Meet the new Hype, same as the old Hype

Judas? Not quite Lest I be confused with non-web 2.0 enthusiast or, worse, proclaimed contrarian to the very type of forum where I’m contributing by this writing, let me offer a blatant caveat right up front here: I’m a web 2.0 advocate and believer, a regular social computing junkie, and generally optimistic guy. I useRead… Read more »

Practical benefits of online media for government

Republished from eGovAU. Some of the practical benefits for government of online social media are beginning to emerge from various jurisdictions around the world. One that has particularly struck me as very positive is the use of online media by Washington DC to convince felons to voluntarily turn themselves in. Written about in Using SocialRead… Read more »

Seeking Suggestions on Bay Area Social Media/Government Policy Detail

I’m an enthusiastic US Enviornmental Protection Agency’s San Francisco Office and have recently been diving into Government/Web 2.0. I’m interested in suggestions GovLoopers have on Web 2.0/Government Policy non-profit or academic organizations or active government agencies using Web 2.0 in the Bay Area. I’m researching Bay Area groups because I’m in a Leadership Development ProgramRead… Read more »

Is Your Representative a #FAIL on Twitter?

from So, there are as many ways to use Twitter as there are users. But I’ll depart from many of my fine friends who state there are no wrong ways. There are plenty. Just take a look at this great hall of “FAIL” fame. Right now, I want to talk about politicians on Twitter.Read… Read more »