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7 Tips for Working Effectively with Government

Working for a publication that almost exclusively serves the public sector and its partners, I routinely deal with practitioners and leaders at all three levels of government. Previously, I worked for an organization that archives data for government research projects. Along the way, I’ve picked up several tips and tricks for working effectively with electedRead… Read more »

“Bureaucracy” – Iron Cage to Social Network

I hate word “bureaucracy” because it degrades public sector workers at all levels. For many reasons, countless pejorative metaphors, theories, and political actions about public sector workers have decorated the iron cage. Public sector staff can weave webs supporting real collaboration, see contacts outside the hierarchy and rules; they seek out connections with people who… Read more »

The Changing Face of Citizen Engagement

“Why fix it if it ain’t broke?” This seems like an easy motto to live by. For many of us, change can be frightening, and sticking with the status quo is a comfortable option. But in today’s technologically driven world, change is a constant, and adapting is a must. Matt Leighninger, Executive Director of theRead… Read more »