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NASA’s Beck: A Rock Star Promoting the Mission

 Beth Beck, Space Operations Outreach Manager at NASA, has created a national community of rocketry and exploration enthusiasts. And she’s helped a generation unfamiliar with the thrills of NASA’s Mercury and Apollo eras understand that the space agency is more than budget battles and tragically lost Space Shuttles. How has Beck boosted outer spaceRead… Read more »

How Well Does the PR Industry Promote Itself?

In a world of media overload and convergence everywhere, I wonder which media/PR companies do their own best marketing and outreach? I ran acorss an article on Etrade this morning which is worthy of a read, because all gov agencies have public affairs offices and many may use PR firms to help them with theirRead… Read more »

Keys to Success with Government Video

From the Granicus Blog Last week’s webinar, Top 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic with Video, attracted over 60 government agencies across the U.S. and Canada. While video becomes a powerful tool for transparency and accountability, government staff members across all different departments are still trying to find ways to use it effectively—to not onlyRead… Read more »

Webinar: Top Ways Government Can Increase Web Traffic with Video

From the Granicus Blog We know that many government agencies struggle to get citizens to their websites. Now there’s an easy way to get them there and keep them engaged: video! In today’s Web 2.0 world, video is a critical component to successful websites, people expect it. Think about it, how many websites have youRead… Read more »

Generational Communications. Barriers? Opportunities

Question of the day. How do you marketing to such widely disbursed generations? All of whom use different sorts of media and different channels? How do you keep up to deliver results? Do you find that this issue is a barrier to your outreach, education, media success results or an opportunity? Read more about generationsRead… Read more »

How to Ensure Effective Outreach

How many spokespeople does your organization have? How many officials from your organization are tasked with ‘spreading the word,’ and talking with different constituents about your mission, the services and support you provide, or new programs that you’re implementing? When it comes to implementing effective outreach, it is crucial that every spokesperson for your organizationRead… Read more »

Examples of Good Web 2.0 Newsrooms/Pages?

After a recent post about newroom 2.0 make overs…I’d now like to emphasize that there is a legitimate need to change towards the use of social media as part of your communication, marketing, outreach, employment recruitment, and the meeting of your agency procurement needs strategy. Therefore, I went looking for good examples of Web 2.0Read… Read more »

Reaching Out to Hispanics: What Government Agencies Need to Know

Rock Creek Strategic Marketing co-founder and principal Scott Johnson recently had a conversation with Carla Briceño of Bixal about what government agencies need to know when it comes to reaching out to Hispanic audiences. The blog post below is an overview of their discussion. People of the Internet, take note: The Hispanic online audience isRead… Read more »

Focused Crisis Communications Saves Savings and Loan

So how prepared are you, really, for a disaster? How often do you review and update your crisis communications plan? How frequently do your spokespeople go through a refresher media training course? And have they been prepped in working with different types of media and different challenging scenarios? Those organizations with actual plans that areRead… Read more »