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Power Tools of Government

What are the major levers for driving changes in government agencies? Traditional tools are statutory changes, budgetary controls, and executive orders. But one that seasoned government executives will use to drive change is control over delegations of authority. A recent report by the Partnership for Public Service on how several federal agencies created shared serviceRead… Read more »

New Research Shows Top 3 Ways for Improving Communications in U.K. Government Organisations

In 2014, around 100 U.K. government communication professionals were surveyed to determine the most important trends driving public sector communication with the public and stakeholders. GovDelivery published the results in an e-book, the UK Trends E-book. Here are some of the findings. Naturally, there were varied responses to our survey; however, communicators tended to shareRead… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Keep Opening to Your Purpose — Its Graduation Season Again

Spring, for me, is full of many things: cherry blossoms, outdoor activities, getting to wear sandals instead of real shoes, and this year ….. my graduate school graduation. It is a bittersweet moment and it can’t happen with out a commencement ceremony. Tis the season of college graduations and the ever anticipated announcement of theRead… Read more »

Innovation Australian-Style

Innovation seems to be a big deal in governments around the world. But the Australian Public Service developed a formal action plan for innovation in 2011 and is rolling out a series of initiatives that are building the use of innovation into the government’s institutional framework. The current edition of The Public Manager describes theRead… Read more »

Governments make residents give up privacy when using third party online comment solutions

I recently submitted an entry to the Knight Foundation News Challenge that’s looking for ideas to “strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation.” My submission* calls for creating standards, practices and processes for online public comment for attribution and validation. Developing online standards to replicate or comply with historical and legislated public comment processesRead… Read more »

Please view my submission to the Knight News Challenge to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation

Greetings. I submitted my entry to the current Knight Foundation News Challenge: “How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?” My entry focuses on online public comment. It’s titled: “Online public comment should replicate traditional and legislated standards, practices and processes. Not reinvent them.” I am advocating for establishing standards, practices andRead… Read more »

New Campaign Seeks to Improve Public Perception of Feds

It’s no secret the federal workforce has been treated like a punching bag for too long. Public animosity towards government is one factor contributing to low morale among feds. Poor morale may lead to decreased productivity and increased indifference to mission-related work. Other detrimental repercussions associated with low morale include employee disengagement and absenteeism. NowRead… Read more »

Millenials, Lego, and the Perimeter of Ignorance

Every time I read an article about Gen Y or Millenials I run it through this litmus test: throughout the text, can you replace “Millenial” with “employee” with no loss of meaning? “[Employees] want meaningful work, they want to do things that are making an impact and if they’re not in a good environment whereRead… Read more »