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North (Dakota) toward Home: Designing Diversity – an Integrative Incubator for “Individual Creativity” and “Interactive Community”

Confession time: I owe North Dakota an apology. About six months ago, in light of the economic pressures on government employees, budget cuts and downsizings, further calls for their jobs or at least slashing their pensions, I wrote a satirical “Shrink Rap” ditty called “The Reorg Rag.” It started: It can’t happen here, I haveRead… Read more »

Eight Humor Styles in Action: Building Stress Resiliency with Interactive Humor – Part I & II

After my essay on the 9/11 Anniversary, I decided to make room for my basic Yin-Yang nature: here is an article on eight styles of humor. (The 9/11 essay, “Ten Years After: A Personal Remembrance of Sep 11th – Strategies for Grieving, Surviving and Evolving: ( The early-mid 20th century pioneering film-maker, artist and comedienne,Read… Read more »

Debt Ceiling Strategy: Use ECM to Trim Your Agency

Agencies that implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system are typically losers-but in a good way! The whole reason to implement an ECM system is to lose the waste while gaining efficiency. Below are five things you can kiss goodbye when your ECM system comes online: Wasting Time: How much time does your current processRead… Read more »

Leading or Expecting?

Something to think about. It’s been easy for us to continue to blame the economy for stalling business decisions or putting our personal lives ahead of the business at large. When these behaviors manifest themselves, we have one place to look to solve the issues. Internally. Often companies are making decisions based on the WIIFMRead… Read more »

They tried to make us go to rehab. But we said “no,no,no.”

Teams need rehab too. And they can resist it as much as Amy Winehouse. How would you know if your team needed rehab? Here are a couple of clues … The team leader needs to intervene between team members regularly. For example, Team Member “A” ignores Team Member “B’s” repeated requests for information on aRead… Read more »

The Stress Doc’s “Top Ten Commandments” for Transforming Reorganizational Crisis: Generating the Four “R”s – Relief and Reflection, Rejuvenation and Recommitment – Part III

Part I introduced three necessary transition stress interventions for engaging an audience on “The Reorg Rag” ™, that is going through transitional crisis: 1) “Bring Your Inner Clint Eastwood” – demonstrate a readiness to empathically and assertively handle audience anger or angst, 2) “Warm Up and Cool Down the Audience” – through healing humor andRead… Read more »

The Stress Doc’s “Top Ten Commandments” for Transforming Reorganizational Crisis: Generating the Four “R”s – Relief and Reflection, Rejuvenation and Recommitment – Part II

Based on work with a variety of organizational and corporate clients, Part I outlined three necessary transition stress interventions for engaging an angry and anxious audience caught in a rough and rocky reorganizational sea change. (Email [email protected] if you missed Part I.) The foundational interventions were: 1) “Bring Your Inner Clint Eastwood,” 2) “Warm UpRead… Read more »

Activating Your Social Media Second Team

This post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” Who gives that big social media presentation if you can’t make it? If you get pulled into another big project and can’t take on that client meeting, who do you send in your place? If you’re on vacation, who picks up where you leftRead… Read more »

Mediocrities Complain, Superstars Don’t… True?

I have an article for you today with some food for thought. Also, I wanted to remind you – if you want to register for my Nov 11-12 capture class, there are only 3 days left to register, and only a couple of spaces open. If you want to get my highly successful capture systemRead… Read more »

Keys to Strengthening Buy-in, Trust and Team Coordination in a Generationally-Culturally Diverse (Military or Civilian) Workforce

I’m preparing for a major offsite event with the Command Teams of the 1st Cavalry/Ft. Hood, TX. I’ve been asked to explore new (for me) conceptual territory — Generational Diversity. More specifically, the Army wants me to provide some fresh ideas and exercises for “Communicating with the Younger Soldier.” To oversimplify matters: how can theRead… Read more »