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6 Tips for Encouraging Innovation in your Workplace

One of the most effective ways of getting your employees to think outside the box, innovate, improve processes and increase efficiencies is to start by asking questions, rather than providing answers. Your staff members have a wealth of ideas for how to do their jobs better, but many might feel hesitant to make suggestions. EvenRead… Read more »

7 Common Leadership Mistakes

It’s small, but mighty. If ignored, it gets worse. It can cause us to limp, stumble, and ultimately fail. What is it? It’s our “Achilles’ heel.” We have weaknesses. Some weaknesses, such as dishonesty, aggressiveness, or blatant disrespectfulness, are glaring. Others, though not as obvious, can be just as debilitating to a leader and theirRead… Read more »

A Recipe for Change

We have all heard the phrase “Change is Good.” But is it? Change can be good; however, making a change without regard for those affected by it, is a recipe for trouble. When a leader tells employees about a change instead of involving them in the change, a team’s work quality, morale, and motivation suffers,Read… Read more »

Tip-off: Is The NCAA Tournament Helping or Hindering Your Productivity?

You’ve likely seen much in the media addressing how the NCAA tournament affects productivity – positively or negatively – like here, here, and here! So, does it help or hinder productivity and performance? As a firm who works with client’s in the areas of employee engagement and high performance culture I can say – itRead… Read more »

Leading a Team to Perform

There are few jobs today that allow a person to work autonomously. Certainly in government there are many examples of jobs that are interdependent. Even at its most basic level, the branches of government must work together to pass a bill into law. Teams are important. As important as teamwork is in government and businessRead… Read more »

Pissed Off People = Poor Profits: Lessons From Andrew Carnegie in Business & Employee Engagement

What lessons in employee engagement and business can we learn from Andrew Carnegie? For starters… Pissed off people = poor profits! That’s a lesson that Andrew Carnegie learned the hard way. Carnegie was a titan of industry and a true entrepreneur. I’ll spare the detailed history lesson, though suffice to say he came from nothing,Read… Read more »

Happy People = Higher Profits: Lessons from Henry Ford in Business & Leadership

Happy People = Higher Profits! That’s a lesson that Henry Ford learned early in his entrepreneurial business and leadership career. Ford’s success began during a significant time of change in America. When the Ford Motor Company was officially started in 1903, the government was cracking down on industry. The government was making a statement againstRead… Read more »