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Webinar Success: Apply “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence”

Presenting in a webinar is similar to giving a presentation in person; however, the difference is that in a webinar, the live audience is not in front of the presenter. Not having good eye contact makes it difficult to build connections with attendees or to read faces for emotions. Fortunately, with preparation and the correctRead… Read more »

Designing Digitally, Inc. Wins 2011 Air Force Research Lab Virtual World Contract

Teaching students how to build airplanes, robots and simulations is serious business, but Designing Digitally, Inc. plans to make it a game — literally. Designing Digitally, Inc., the web-based training firm that specializes in E-learning, virtual worlds, and 3D simulations, was recently awarded a 2011 Air Force Virtual World contract from the United States AirRead… Read more »

Designing Digitally, Inc. Partners with the United States Air Force Academy to Develop a Browser Based 3D Virtual Campus Tour

Virtual world developer Designing Digitally, Inc. used the Unity development platform to design a browser based interactive 3D virtual campus tour for prospective cadets to tour the United States Air Force Academy. Franklin, OH April 04, 2011 – Designing Digitally, Inc., a full-service interactive design company and developer of “3D Virtual Campus Tours,” recently completedRead… Read more »

Creating “Virtual Agencies”

When I worked for Vice President Gore’s reinventing government initiative, he told us “don’t move the boxes, fix what’s inside the boxes.” He also talked expansively about creating “virtual agencies” organized around the needs of each individual citizen. We had no idea what he was talking about when he was describing the Virtual Department ofRead… Read more »

Top Ten Strategies For Managing A Virtual Workforce

Many of our clients are dealing with the challenges of managing the virtual workforce with colleagues spread out in different locations and multiple time zones. Since our inception 14 years ago, Strategic Partners has been managing a virtual workforce. What follows are 10 strategies that we have adopted to help our virtual workforce enhance theirRead… Read more »

25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences Online! Are there More?

25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences Online & Other Links to more Distant Learning Sources. I am sure there are more out there. If you can’t affort an education, are there other ways to self educate? Can motivated, underserved persons benefit from such? How? Universities and other institutions of higher and further education are increasingly turningRead… Read more »

My experience attending the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference 2010

I was able to attend from the comfort of my home office. There were many panel discussions but these bullet points are from the discussions on vGov and Virtual World studies to stay in line with the initial discussion about Second Life. I would encourage others to go to their website and check out theRead… Read more »

Invite our customers in – at their convenience

Lunched with Mom and daughter today. We have Ladies Lunches, when all three generations of us females go out to lunch together and share sandwiches, cake and giggles. We met Mom at the mall and she looked rather harassed. She sighed, “I have this letter from the Council about my refuse collection and I don’tRead… Read more »

Did Anyone Attend the IC Virtual Career Event Yesterday?

9 IC Agencies were in attendance at yesterdays’ virtual career fair! If you were one of the 23k registrants/attendees at the event: 1. What was your overall experience?2. Did you find your experience comparable to attending a “Live” event? 3. Who was your favorite Recruiter? Employer? Forum?4. What were your biggest peeves?5. Did you interviewRead… Read more »

How-To: Communicate Effectively – Part 1

Effective communication has several benefits that can be applied to not only your professional endeavors, but personal as well. Learning, (or shall I say relearning) how to listen and speak skillfully can not only show your co-workers that you understand their issues, but it can also enrich your relationships. More people will be attracted toRead… Read more »