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Teleseminars, Stage Fright and More

Webinars are often used in the business training environment, but it is a newer version of that webinar idea with a host that is taking over when it comes to online/teleconferencing training: the teleseminar, which can be used to provide information, training, or promote or sell products to group of people interested in a particularRead… Read more »

Cloud Is No Passing Fad; Contractors Get On Board [Video]

In today’s GovWin webinar, “To the Cloud!,” a range of experts concurred: Cloud computing is no passing fad. The government agrees: Federal, state and local governments are clamoring for cloud services and guidance. The panel, which included a range of industry experts, discussed cloud computing as a concept, its security implications and what contractors canRead… Read more »

New Kind of Solution: Why Your City Should Code for America

We know that cities across the country are facing serious and significant challenges, and over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure to get to talk directly with city officials from across the country to get a sense of what exactly those challenges are. And the truth is they are facing very similar challenges andRead… Read more »

Why Is “Going to the Cloud” Such a Big Deal?

If there’s a word that’s getting thrown around A LOT lately, it’s “cloud.” Seriously, it had to be one of the most over-used words in 2010 and it’s looking to be an even more prevalent part of government talk in 2011. In fact, last week an article in Government Technology article entitled “Top 10 PredictionsRead… Read more »

Data Visualization – What is it? Why is it Important?

At the Web Managers Conference last year there was a session called “How to tell Great Stories with your Data” – about why raw data isn’t enough and how to display information so it makes sense to people. It received a very high rating by attendees and we were asked (by many) to do aRead… Read more »

Notes from NAGW Launches on GovLoop

Notes From NAGW Do you want to start using social media but don’t know how to get started? Have you seen other cities and counties doing really cool stuff and wonder how they do it? Do you want to make your site accessible to everyone but aren’t sure how? Do you know that pretty soonRead… Read more »

More Online Training – You Asked. We Listened.

We’re always hearing from our customers that they need more lead time to know the classes that we’ll be offering, especially because many agencies require employees to put in their training requests for the next fiscal year sometime in the summer. So I’m excited that for the first time Web Manager University will be announcingRead… Read more »

Little or No Training Budget? Pressed for Time? Check out Web Manager University

Hi there – I’m Alycia and I am super excited to be writing my first blog post for GovLoop. I am a program coordinator for Web Manager University (WMU), and will be sharing with you training opportunities, government innovations, and cool websites and tools that I find through research for the WMU programs. Web ManagerRead… Read more »