Does Having a Kid Make You More Efficient?

Does Having a Kid Make You More Efficient? I firmly believe that constraints are good. I hate having a million choices. If you give me unlimited freedome, I get baffled. Unlimited time – I’ll procrastinate. A number of people have told me that having a child has made them a much better, efficient employee. ChildrenRead… Read more »

US DOT and Second Life: “Transportation Nation” Island

My government 2.0 worlds just collided this morning. I participated in the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting yesterday and am now at the Open Government Directive Workshop Series. One of the presenters at the OGD event was Adam Schlicht of DOT, who highlighted DOT’s Second Life island called “Transportation Nation.” I found one of hisRead… Read more »

Announcing CityCamp Challenge Winners! Over 3,000 Votes!

GovLoop and Code for America are pleased to announce the winner of the CityCamp Challenge! And the Top 4 vote-getters are: * City Sourced (1,146 votes) – Muni Rep – Being finalized * SeeClickFix (1,061 votes) – Muni Rep – Rob Smuts, New Haven, Connecticut * GraffitiTracker (359 votes) – Muni Rep – John Ewing,Read… Read more »

Putting Stickers On Your Computer

Putting Stickers on Your Computers So I just created GovLoop stickers for your laptop. I’ve noticed it’s really common elsewhere but I haven’t seen it in government. And honestly it’s probably not allowed. Most government-issued or corporate-issued is treated like their property and you have no control. Everything is locked down and no personalization isRead… Read more »

How-To: Maximize Your GovLoop Mojo

Over the holidays, we created a series of videos designed to offer an overview of GovLoop and help members to get the most out of their community experience. Consider it a belated Christmas gift or an early Valentine. BIG thanks to Joseph Porcelli (fellow GovLoop’er and Neighbors for Neighbors rockstar), who led the production process.Read… Read more »

Obama Management Agenda – What is Happening, Why, and So What?

Posted for my good friends over at The Public Manager: The Obama Management Agenda: What Is Happening, Why, and So What? It’s been one year since a healthy majority of American voters elected Barack Obama to change America. Our nation is barraged by new challenges and international crises, and facts crushing deficits and rising nationalRead… Read more »

Remember That Feeling

Remember That Feeling Remember that feeling in school when you were done with the semester. Or done with a big paper. You know…just relieved. Relaxed. Lots of calm. And huge celebration of it. I think we should reenact that feeling at work. We need to celebrate our successes even more. And cut loose. Favorite

Do Clothes Affect Work?

I’ve had a few different work outfits. As a caddie at a golf club, I had to wear a specific white polo every Saturday and Sunday. When I started in government, I worked for three different agencies with varying dress codes. One was khakis and polos and the other was pretty much everything goes includingRead… Read more »

New Year, New Contest – Enter the CityCamp Challenge

GovLoop’s AwesomeGov Gives Again with the CityCamp Challenge! SUBMIT and VOTE Fresh off the heels of the AwesomeGov launch in which GovLoop gave $1,789 to Adventures for the Cure, we’ve teamed up with Code for America to ensure that 4 top innovators can attend CityCamp on January 23-24, 2010. In this current economic climate, severalRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Steve Davies

1. Being in Australia, can you give a bit of background on what you do and how it corresponds to a similar role/function in US government? Have been in Australia 40 years. Came from the UK. Started life as an educator then had opportunities to branch out. Broadly speaking have worked in the human resources/organisationalRead… Read more »