The Age of Analytics

“In the face of mounting complexity, smarter, collaborative, fact-based decisions are more important than ever to drive results.” –IBM Public sector offices receive a substantial amount of data. The question is…what can they do with it? How can an agency use the information that comes its way to make the best decisions and best benefitRead… Read more »

Teach Me How to Fish!

I love reading blogs. As in, more than normal. Ok, ok, probably to a freakish extent. I’ve been told in the past my Google reader is out of control. Whatever, I am not one to shy away from reading material. In the hundreds of blogs I’ve made my way through since blogging became mainstream, I’veRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: TSP, NGG11, ROFL, and Other Acronyms You Probably Don’t Know

Yep. You guess it. It’s the… Friday Fab Five! Time to take a look back at the past week and highlight some of the best of the best. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to none other than Rebecca Schreiber‘s blog post Investing TSP Money and Other Retirement Tricks. Whether you are aRead… Read more »

Social Media Training for Government: Sample One-Day Workshop

One week ago, I had the opportunity to deliver a 4-hour workshop for the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board (FEB). Over the past couple years, I have delivered a variation of this “101” workshop for: Boston, Chicago and Honolulu FEBs California and Texas Certified Public Managers programs (mostly city and county employees) Federal agenciesRead… Read more »