3 Skills To Learn at Next Generation of Government

So I’m super excited about the GovLoop/Young Government Leaders Next Generation of Government Summit July 6 & 7th. We are already at almost 200 registrants of the raddest, smartest, government innovators and it’ll be a blast. Make sure to register soon before it sells out There are lots of skills I hope people learn at… Read more »

Live Blog & Video – Service Delivery New Brunswick

Live-blogging from MISA..my notes Service One – Integrated Service Delivery and the Need for a Paradigm Shift Stephen Dixon Service New Brunswick Service vs Enforcement/Monopoly -Private sector – service quality and standards -Government regulations enforcement interactions with public -Putting a square peg in a round hole – public vs private is different It’s not about… Read more »

Live-blogging – Open Data Best Practices

Live-blogging from MISA…Great roundtable of rockstar Canadian CIO and govies City of Ottawa (@rob_giggey)-Find different ways to get citizens to participate to find solutions to problems-Reviewed data dissemination policy-Said don’t need an open data policy – just need guidance to move towards being open…all departments should look to release as much data as possible-Launched site… Read more »

A Salute to 3 Gov 2.0 Heroes You Don’t Know Yet

On this day – Gov 2.0 Hero Day – when we’re honoring people who have toiled tirelessly to create a government that leverages technology to better serve and engage citizens, I thought I’d share some quick thoughts on people that I admire. Yes, we’re naming names today (all of whom are noteworthy and deserve recognition… Read more »

Live-Blogging – Michael Walsh – Gartner

Live blogging…Michael Smith of Gartner at MISA Canada. The Value of IT -Productivity growth in U.S. economy – -Each year 2.5% increase in productivity from 2000-2007-IT Capital and Application of IT have biggest improvements on productivity (Non-IT capital and multifactor productivity, and labor composition also)-80% of U.S. productivity growth comes from IT IT Productivity Gap-IT… Read more »

Top 5 Gov’t Shows That Should Exist

Not a Govloop Member? 30 Secs & Free to Join for Great Info & Perks So there’s CSI and NCIS and 24 and Parks and Recreation and other government-related TV shows. But there should be more…Here’s my 5 ideas: Deadly Diseases – Think House but with a CDC twist. Responding to disease outbreaks all over… Read more »

Project of the Week: Austin’s Crowd-sourced City Budget

This past week, while I was in Texas, I learned that the City of Austin has launched an innovative online tool for the public to provide comment about their 2010-2011 Budget. Community members will be able to vote on priorities for unmet service demands and potential service reductions as the City works toward formulating its… Read more »

Live-blogging – David Eaves – Open Gov Canada

David Eaves-eaves.ca “to prophesy is difficult – especially about the future” – chinese proverb“future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed” So I’m live at the Municipal Information Systems Agency 2010…live-blogging the keynote. David Eaves-eaves.ca “to prophesy is difficult – especially about the future” – chinese proverb“future is already here – it’s just… Read more »