DorobekINSIDER: The Federal News Radio Book Club book announcement: Drive by Daniel H. Pink

Last year, I created something called the Federal News Radio Book Club. The idea is simple — it is something like the Oprah book club, but we talk about books that help you do your job better. And it isn’t a physical meeting. It is a radio gathering — we gather and discuss a book…. Read more »

How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Privacy Settings

Like other social networks, GovLoop allows you to adjust your privacy settings and control who sees your activity in the community. 1. Go to Settings from the homepage. 2. Go to Privacy from the My Settings page. 3. Scroll down the page and adjust your settings – Don’t forget to hit Save after you’ve made… Read more »

VideoNation – Drapeau vs Ressler, Democratization of Content, Why Govloop Rocks,

I shot a number of quick videos when I was out in Microsoft HQ last week. Here they are..hope you enjoy. Ressler vs Drapeau as we are about to enter the stage. Microsoft’s Kristin Bockius talking why she loves GovLoop. Talking with expert videographer David Patterson on how to quickly shoot video these days Favorite

5 Lessons from the Birth of a Government Blog

Dr. GovLoop has been scouring the Web to find awesome content…and here’s a blog post that caught his attention over coffee this morning. Originally posted on WhoRunsGovBy Greg Palmer Mar 04 2010, 10:30 PM How did I convince one of the world’s largest bureaucracies to enter the blogosphere? Trust me, it wasn’t easy. NYC’s Department… Read more »

Ten Truly Remarkable People – #3: Peter Corbett

…If you haven’t heard about this event, Check It Out Now! If you like GovLoop, you’ll probably love this… 2 nerds are better than 1. And 3000+ nerds, under one roof, for one mission, is pretty much, for anyone who considers themselves a techno-vation-enthusiast, bliss. And for anyone who can brain child the organization, development,… Read more »