Digital Government

Why Innovate?

Innovation means doing something different to get a better result, to produce more value for a customer. Innovation solves problems that have eluded solutions. It can unleash commitment and change organizational cultures. So if innovation is all that, why not innovate? Government innovates every day. Legislation starts with a problem and ends with a solution. Then agenciesRead… Read more »

Join GovLoop’s State & Local Virtual Innovators Summit!

From new citizen engagement strategies and mobile apps to doing more with less, state and local governments are continuously finding innovative solutions to really tough issues. There are countless examples of state and local governments leveraging technology and tackling challenges in a proactive, inventive and agile way — and we’re here to highlight them. Wednesday,Read… Read more »

Think Social Media isn’t Public Record? Think Again…

How can social media make government more transparent while minimizing legal risk? At this point, most public agencies employ at least one or two social media platforms and understand their value. They may tout their cool Facebook pages as pre-teens scoff and double-tap photos on Instagram, but any social media presence is better than noRead… Read more »

How You Can Excel With Community Planning

As state and local government employees, you face some tough IT obstacles. You have to build digital solutions to meet constituent demand, and design IT systems and architectures to support new services – all in an environment of tight budgets and limited staff. But by conquering these challenges, you can improve the community planning andRead… Read more »

If You “Tweet” President Lincoln, Will Gov Hear You?

As we approach the 151 anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address[1], certainly one of the most significant orations ever delivered, we do well to remember the closing; the very end of the last of the ten simple and deeply moving sentences that make up the Address. In these few, memorable words, a war-weary Lincoln charges allRead… Read more »

Innovator: A Definition

Innovation in government only sounds like an oxymoron to people who haven’t kept up with the work of government employees at all levels. The distinct challenge of nurturing innovative ideas in the public sector made my job description so interesting when I applied. Last month, I celebrated two years as a government contractor and communication lead —Read… Read more »

The Data Goldmine for Federal Government

“You are clearly not intimated by ‘big’ if you work for the federal government.” That’s how Scott Burns, CEO and founder of GovDelivery, kicked off his keynote at GovDelivery’s 8th Annual Federal Communications Summit on Tuesday. Burns pointed out that people had always told him not to take on federal clients — they were tooRead… Read more »

Why Go Paperless – Why ECM is Essential Technology for Local Government

As we prepare for GovLoop’s first-ever State and Local Innovators Virtual Summit, we and the presenters are posting blogs about many of the sessions and some of the tips they will share. The summit is October 22nd and free for everyone — make sure to register here! This post was written by Terri Jones, Government MarketingRead… Read more »

A Bright Future for Open Data

Want to know about a natural disaster before the hurricane hits? Or when a major water main has broken in your city, making it impossible to drive your usual commute? With open data, this is a reality. The open data revolution literally puts information at your fingertips. On Wednesday’s special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER LIVE,Read… Read more »