Using Personal Skill Assessment to Climb the Career Ladder

Discover how to rise to in your career by using personal skill assessment. This article provides a practical guide to help you assess your professional skills, boost career prospects, seize opportunities, and reach your full potential.

Digital Transformation: How Agencies Meet the Expanding Expectations of Constituents

Constituents have increasingly high expectations, and government agencies are pressed to do more with limited resources. Digital tools, such as artificial intelligence, can transform how government meets public needs and supports agency staff.

Winners of 13th Annual Granicus Digital Government Awards Announced

Granicus has just announced the winners of its 2023 Digital Government Awards — recognizing state and local agencies that excelled in seven award categories: Changemaker, Community Engagement, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Operational Efficiency, Trust & Transparency, and Website of the Year.

Government Agencies Need Generative AI Laboratories

Government agencies need room to find out the best uses of AI to achieve their goals and to help those they serve. They need AI laboratories that provide a safe space to experiment, to find out what works, and — maybe more importantly — what doesn’t.