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Activating Your Social Media Second Team

This post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” Who gives that big social media presentation if you can’t make it? If you get pulled into another big project and can’t take on that client meeting, who do you send in your place? If you’re on vacation, who picks up where you leftRead… Read more »

Community Building: You’re Most Likely to Succeed if You…

…put in some serious elbow grease. Dedication, perseverance, and always keep the faith. In short, you’re most likely to success if you put in the hard work. Plain and simple. Consider a community in your life that you deem to be successful. Maybe it’s your book club, PTA, church, running club, ladies lunching, whatever. NowRead… Read more »

Community Building: It’s More about Your MEMBERS, Less the TECHNOLOGY

Three factors collided to spur this post. 1. I walked myself through a 224 gold-mine slideshare deck on “The Real Social Network” and found this gem quote “Understand behavior, not technology.” 2. I stumbled across an online community for Mercedes Benz owners called “Generation Benz” that is built in flash, looks like it blew outRead… Read more »

So…brilliant Govloopians: who do you think needs to know about this cool green project?

Howdy, Govloopians: I just posted a link to this very cool green office renovation-going-for-LEED-green project going on at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, spearheaded by GSA. (edited now so you can actually go to it! :)) I am a green nerd, and I also am a contractor working on GSA content, soRead… Read more »

A Busy Women’s Retreat: “Turning Seeds of Dissolution into Fruitful Renewal” — From Each One Letting Go to All Helping One Another Grow

On the first weekend in March – mostly sunny weather, briskly seasonal temperatures without the customary roaring and “marching in” mountain winds – we had our first Busy Women’s Retreat at the serene, scenic Blue Mountain Retreat Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Maryland (near Harpers Ferry, WV). The Blue Mountain RetreatRead… Read more »

The Dangers of Being Too “Positive” in a Team Building Process: Or Don’t Just “Have a Nice Day!”

“You’re being negative!” Recently I led a team building workshop, and that was a federal government Division Director’s reply to my questioning, “Why the ‘Front Office’ meeting had not been working?” Preceding my operational assessment a number of people noted: a) that for several months people were not bringing relevant agenda issues to the meetingRead… Read more »

What can Government 2.0 do to improve the efficiency of outsider visits to Federal Agencies?

As a government contractor with good intentions,-) I routinely visit a number of military and civilian Federal agencies in DC, MD, and VA. My experience in getting into these agencies is uniformly the same – long, cumbersome, and confusing. Now we all agree that the Federal agencies should control access to their facilities for securityRead… Read more »

The Building Industry Meets Web 2.0 at Be2Camp

How can the building industry use Web 2.0 tools to enhance delivery of services and better integrate new concepts like sustainability? These are some of the questions and issues that will be discussed at the upcoming barcamp, Be2Camp, to be held at The Building Centre on Store Street in London on Oct. 10, 2008. ThisRead… Read more »