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Pissed Off People = Poor Profits: Lessons From Andrew Carnegie in Business & Employee Engagement

What lessons in employee engagement and business can we learn from Andrew Carnegie? For starters… Pissed off people = poor profits! That’s a lesson that Andrew Carnegie learned the hard way. Carnegie was a titan of industry and a true entrepreneur. I’ll spare the detailed history lesson, though suffice to say he came from nothing,Read… Read more »

Happy People = Higher Profits: Lessons from Henry Ford in Business & Leadership

Happy People = Higher Profits! That’s a lesson that Henry Ford learned early in his entrepreneurial business and leadership career. Ford’s success began during a significant time of change in America. When the Ford Motor Company was officially started in 1903, the government was cracking down on industry. The government was making a statement againstRead… Read more »

Technical Foul: Leadership Lessons from the Rutgers Basketball Scandal

What leadership lessons can we learn from the firing of Rutgers coach Mike Rice? If you’ve been following the news story about how now former Rutgers basketball coach, Mike Rice, was verbally and physically abusing his players, then you undoubtedly know that he was fired and his assistant, Jimmy Martelli, has also recently resigned andRead… Read more »

Raise Your Hand if Your Organization Can Improve Employee Development & Recognition!

So how many of you raised your hand? It’s ok, we can’t see you – go ahead, be honest. If we were to ask your employees if they feel your organization can improve employee development and learning and increase recognition– how many would raise their hand? One of the most overlooked yet important assets anRead… Read more »

Moving Forward with Innovation by Looking Back

Most organizations have their unfortunate history of major initiatives thrust on them by well-meaning executives and zealous consultants: total quality, six sigma, employee engagement, knowledge management, and other fads. While all can have their value, the reality of a sudden change in direction – “something completely different” – is a huge leap that often failsRead… Read more »

New Energy Forum Brings Together Top Roster of Presenters For One Day in D.C. on June 21, 2012

The WGES DC takes place on June 21, 2012 at the Washington Post Conference Center. The attendees will meet a Veteran Actor of 85 Films, a Scientific Leader of Energy & Environment, Officers Leading some of the Largest Contracts in the World, Representative from the Pentagon, learn about the Hydrogen Superhighway project, innovative energy savingRead… Read more »

Efficient Construction Project Delivery Methods, BIM, and Cost Estimating

BIM Construction Cost Estimating – Top Ten List First and foremost BIM is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by digital technology. While the industry is currently fixated upon 3D visualization tools, aka Revit, Archicad, Bentely… they only represent optional components of a BIM solution. Construction cost estimating, and robust, proven project deliveryRead… Read more »

Strategies to Promote Collaboration On Your Team

This is our second post in the May GovLoop
 Blog Series exploring how we can work to remove silos in government. Our first post focused on leadership and ways to become the “trusted leader” across government. We had some great comments and a fascinating discussion on leadership. One comment I wanted to share came fromRead… Read more »

Dear GSA: 7 Steps on How to Conduct Teambuilding for Under $823,000!

Anyone who has ever been part of a team can most likely tell you it’s not always easy forming the team and working together effectively. Structure, process, culture, politics, personality…teams are complicated. And if you’ve ever tried to better the working relationships of team members you probably know, that although not an easy task, thatRead… Read more »