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Using Culture and Technologies for DevOps

If your organization is used to managing projects in a linear, siloed process, the idea of implementing the collaborative, iterative DevOps approach can seem daunting. While there are significant benefits to the methodology, it does require significant changes across an organization. How do you manage those changes to achieve DevOps success?

All About Holiday Celebrations in the Workplace

The workplace can be stressful, and we don’t want holiday celebrations to cause more stress, so just think before you bring in your life-size Santa to share with your colleagues, and make sure your colleagues know how much they are appreciated.

Are You a Rebel At Work? Here’s How To Tell…

Government rebels from all walks of life spanning a range of government agencies united in full force at this year’s NextGenGov’s summit, and it was inspiring. Now, these rebels were not your stereotypical outliers or black sheep; the packed room included a Fellow from the State Department, a Medicaid expert from Wyoming, and a ManagementRead… Read more »

Part 2: Leadership and Building a Clear Ethical Program

WWSJD? What Would Steve Jobs Do? Could Apple employees ask themselves this and know what to do in a tricky situation? Can your employees ask themselves what YOU would do in an unusual situation and know what they should do? In last week’s blog I introduced the Malcolm Baldrige and Florida Sterling business management modelsRead… Read more »

Creating a Performance-and-Results Culture in Your Agency

How do you create a performance-and-results culture in your agency? Background. Over the past two decades, the performance movement has made steady progress. It has resulted in a focus on performance and results via strategic and annual operating plans, a supply of performance information to track progress of these plans; a demand for performance informationRead… Read more »

8 Tips for Changing Culture in the Federal Government

There are so many long-running projects in government that have failed to gain traction or reach full implementation. When leadership sits down to figure out why, one of the top reasons (outside of cost overruns and missed deadlines) tends to be culture, or the necessity of culture change. Of course, that’s a pretty big undertaking.Read… Read more »

Cultural Diversity and What It Means to IT Managers

Recently I sat in on a meeting between a group of IT developers (contractors) and Federal program managers. Just a routine project review. As I looked around, it struck me that we were really quite a diverse crowd. In the room were people from China, Viet Nam, India, Russia, Somalia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Iran,Read… Read more »

Can You Hear Me Now? Yes, Yes You Can

“Can you hear me now?” You probably remember those Verizon Wireless commercials with the Verizon rep walking across the United States making sure the connection was intact. As annoying as the commercials were, they did drive home a point, cell service is everywhere. But here’s the thing, in many parts of the world, service isn’tRead… Read more »