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Are You a Leadership “Freak”?

We sometimes refer to zealous hobbyists as ‘freaks’: tennis freaks, golf freaks, computer freaks. These highly enthusiastic people excel in their pursuits; they are unique, rare, uncommon, top-of-the-bell-curve types. Are You a Leadership “Freak”? According to a Harvard Business School of Leadership study, if you are an honest and thankful leader, you are a leadership… Read more »

How the Public Sector Can ‘Buzzfeed’ Its Content

I recently attended an excellent event called News:rewired. As part of the event there was a speaker from Buzzfeed who highlighted their underlying principles. In particular they aim to ‘bake in the share imperative’ by creating engaging content that triggers actions such as: inspiring awe being positive surprising its readers It’s easy to be snooty… Read more »

The Case for More In-House Development: How a Skunk Works Saves Money in the Long Run

On the surface it makes perfect sense. Outsource your development efforts. When the development is done, the contract developers leave and you’re not paying for their time. Makes more efficient use of your IT dollars! Better! Faster! Cheaper! However, not having skilled developers available misses out on an essential skill set to make your organization… Read more »

Can Innovation Labs Transform Public Sector Work Culture?

In case you missed it, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has brought a piece of Silicon Valley’s high-tech entrepreneurial spirit to Washington in the form of a new and exciting Innovation Lab. Since launching in March 2012, the Lab has been successfully utilized by employees from dozens of federal agencies ranging from NASA… Read more »

Content Strategy: Where to Start

For many of us in the public sector, being a content strategist is another hat we’re supposed to wear as jack-of-all-trades web specialists. If you haven’t done much research on how to develop a content strategy or why, this post will help you get started. What’s in a content strategy? To define content strategy, Rachel… Read more »

Innovation within the Public Sector: 5 Ways to Expand Your Skill-Set

The public sector is full of opportunities for innovation, mentorship and programs to expand your skills. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, the opportunities to grow are endless. Often times, we get caught up in the day-to-day hustle confined to our respective cubicles, which makes it harder to take advantage of such… Read more »

Demystifying Knowledge Management in the Federal Government

Does your agency have a knowledge management (KM) strategy? What is your agency doing to protect mission-critical knowledge from walking out of the door when subject matter experts retire or leave? How does your organization encourage corporate knowledge sharing? The biggest challenge I’ve faced with implementing a corporate KM strategy is defining and simplifying its… Read more »

4 Ways We Can Disrupt the Federal Hiring Process

As the Career Director for a Master of Public Policy (MPP) program, I have no shortage of students interested in government work. Despite reports to the contrary, there are young people interested in public service careers who simply cannot find the entry door. A recent brief from the Partnership for Public Service and the National… Read more »