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When Efficiency Is NOT the Chosen Path

The mixed messages commenting on the state of the economy are confusing at best, and offer little of use for planning and forecasting in the business or government sectors. Conflicting variables affecting budget, scope, and demand add to the complexity. The uncertainty and inertia leads to delays in new initiatives by the decision-makers in organizations.Read… Read more »

How do you relate to the public?

When you think of the stakeholders you serve, how would you describe your connection to them? Empathy, apathy, animosity, appreciation, or something else? We’ve been working on customer / client focus at GovDelivery, and we’ve gone through some healthy exercises that have me on the lookout for how I’m being treated as a citizen andRead… Read more »

How to Keep Your Government Proposals Customer-Focused – Lessons from a 5-year Old

My 5-year old this morning didn’t want to put on a dress. I guess she had a different outfit in mind… Perhaps a pair of shorts, or a skirt – but not the sun dress with cherries on it that I handed to her. But that’s not what she told me. Instead, she looked atRead… Read more »