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Biggest Reasons Public Servants don’t Crowdsource

One of the things that we do that we believe is a best practice in our engagements is ask our partners to do two surveys at the conclusion of a campaign; one about us and one about them. It is always interesting to see the results and, certainly, helps everyone to improve what may beRead… Read more »

Let’s Move! To Build Apps for Healthy Kids!

A big THANK YOU to the awesome GovLoop guys for highlighting our Apps for Healthy Kids competition as the project of the week. It was a great effort to create the competition with the First Lady’s Let’s Move! team, OSTP and our nutrition experts at USDA’s Center for Nutrition and Policy Promotion. The competition isRead… Read more »

Giving Employees Incentives for Innovation

Calls for more government efficiency come not just from the public, but also from the public servants who make government’s day-to-day operations possible. Some of the best ideas come from the people who intimately know the processes that could be improved. However, implementing those ideas often requires jumping several, tall hurdles. In an unfortunate caseRead… Read more »

Rewarding Innovation In Government

Yesterday I read an article ( by Doug Beizer that profiled the White House’s new policy on carrying out contests to spur innovation. I think it’s grand that the White House recognizes the power of using gaming and rewards mechanisms within an innovation setting; however, it challenges agencies to develop this with little direction asRead… Read more »

The February Open Government Directive Workshop

This article is co-authored by Lucas Cioffi and Alex Moll, co-organizers of the February Open Government Directive Workshop in partnership with the US General Services Administration, the National Academy of Public Administration, NCDD, and GovLoop. Summary and Purpose of the OGD Workshop The February 17th OGD Workshop in Washington, DC was a blast. We convenedRead… Read more »

Is this heresy?

Do we need a non manifesto for innovation and, for that matter Gov 2.0 and social media itself? The innovation manifesto suggests that we do. What do you think of the formula Talk + Action = Zero. Explains a lot I suggest. The Innovation Non Manifesto Steve DOriginally posted on OZloop

Being innovative about innovation

From the Innovation Leadership Network an illuminating piece that highlights why we need to be innovative about innovation itself. I believe this applies to the public sector BIG TIME. What do you think? Steve D Originally posted on OZloop