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My Digital Innovation Strategy for London – One Year On

This is a re-post of a blog I wrote over on the FutureGov site yesterday Without realising, I seem to be a man of New Years resolutions. When it comes to big decisions and turning my thinking into action, January appears to be a big month for me looking back. Two years ago this month,Read… Read more »

Our Top 5 crowdsourcing opportunities for government…what are yours?

As we enter into what we know will be a tremendously exciting perhaps even game-changing year for social media in government, we thought about what were the top 5 crowdsourcing opportunities for the Canadian federal government. Part of the challenge in sorting through just 5 is that we have about 5,000. (Note for those unfamiliarRead… Read more »

Is Cooperation Possible? Funding 2.0: A Model for Multi-Agency Funding for Gov 2.0 Initiatives

Certainly, I am not fantasizing magic filled utopia where happiness radiates all around and unicorns slide down rainbows into pools of blueberry jam, but let’s be realistic about the situation here. We are living in a time of shrinking budgets and disappearing funds with no relief in sight. The key is doing more with less,Read… Read more »

Big vs. Small Federal Agency Government 2.0

It’s almost commonplace to hear things like, Federal agencies are getting better with Government 2.0, transparency, and communicating with the public. But most of the examples of this that I see and hear are from big agencies. You know, agencies like these: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENTRead… Read more »

But where does DoD fit in? Review of Burton Report: Gotta, Mike. “Field Research: Actions to Take On Enterprise Social Networking”

With the DoD lagging behind in the adoption of social media in general, to include social networking, it is not an area ripe for research. Yet, with growing interest and a handful of innovative projects picking up steam, we have a need to apply what has been done on the commercial sector without much understandingRead… Read more »

Failure: The Most Important, Undiscussed Element of Gov 2.0

I just experienced an embarrassing failure. Or did I? This afternoon, I was scheduled to appear by Skype to speak on the topic of Gov 2.0 leadership. Two hours prior to the event, the onsite tech guy and I tested the connection and it worked perfectly. We could see and hear one another and theRead… Read more »

Apps for Innovation – Two More Weeks Til Deadline

The Consumer Electronics Association’s “Apps for Innovation” contest for software application developers closes in two weeks, on Monday, December 14. The grand-prize winner will receive $10,000 and a free trip to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 7-10, 2010, in Las Vegas. A second-place winner will receive $5,000, and a third-place winner will receiveRead… Read more »

When Failure is our Best Option

Reposted from original at You’ve heard it many times before, “Failure is not an option.” When Gene Kranz uttered this line in reference to Apollo 13, he was absolutely right. At that moment it was imperative that the team succeed in bringing the crew home safely. If you’ve ever seen the movie Apollo 13,Read… Read more »