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More Transparency Needed for Federal Communicators to Build Public Trust

As a federal communicator, are you able to share as much information and data with the public as needed, or is real transparency just the latest buzzword? Do you often run into antiquated bureaucratic stonewalls and other internal obstacles when trying to foster greater transparency and open government? If so, this is likely problematic notRead… Read more »

Is the “open government” movement’s emphasis on technology creating two classes of citizens based on technological literacy?

Originally published on April 1, 2013 as Matching Technological Literacy with Delivery of Government Services. I have a neighbor, let’s call him John. I’ve know him for more than 20 years. He’s been very close to our family all that time. He’s seen our children grow up. He’s helped my wife deal with household disastersRead… Read more »

Tracking digital government initiatives: Is your agency green, yellow, or red?

With the release of the White House’s Digital Government Strategy, agencies are being asked to take certain steps towards growing digital government in the United States. Already, Jay Huie, who consults as a senior information engineer and an information architect, has built a website to track how well agencies are doing in their digital governmentRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Planning an Open Government Future

While the pressure to maintain transparent operations is an issue facing all levels of government, one challenge that is especially pressing for local governments is taking big data out of open data, making information more readily accessible to average citizens. Presenting data in a meaningful way is the goal of Open Tucson, an independent non-profitRead… Read more »

One Important Policy Missing in Open Data

Open data is a huge step towards open government, but it isn’t so easy. There are problems with the decision making process in what becomes public information. John Wonderlich, Policy Director for the Sunlight Foundation spoke with Chris Dorobek of the DorobekINSIDER about the missing link in the open data decision making process. Decisions aboutRead… Read more »

The Two Interlocking Cycles of Gov 2.0

This post is, in some ways, an extension of another from last week called “The Three Dimensions of Open Government“. “Open government” is a term that’s getting a reasonable amount of use these past few years. It’s overtaken an earlier term “Gov 2.0”. That doesn’t surprise me. “Gov 2.0” seems a little dated (as, inRead… Read more »

Three Dimensions of Open Government

A recent Twitter exchange that I saw got me thinking about the different things people mean by “open government”. John Moore retweeted: @canadiancynic: So, @TonyClementCPC, how’s that whole “#opengov” thing working out for you? Uh oh … Tony Clement replied: @JohnFMoore 272,000 data sets now online; more usable formats; science research online, etc #opengovRead… Read more »

Opening Up Government: Using Data to Stimulate Economic Growth

Recently IBM released a report, Opening Up Government: How to Unleash the Power of Information for New Economic Growth. If you are interested in open government, I highly recommend taking a look at the report. There are many elements that I did not touch upon in this quick summary. One example would be there isRead… Read more »

Government as a Catalyst: Prizes for Tech Innovation

At this year’s South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) conference, I’m pleased to be moderating a panel on the role of government and prizes in stimulating technology innovation and providing public services. Federal agencies have recently been given the authority by Congress to sponsor competitions for individuals, groups, and companies to develop new ideas andRead… Read more »