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Innovation As a Strategic Governmental Partnership

Regardless of how great of a player you are, it takes a team to be successful. The team mentality is discussed in a new report, by the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton, Innovation is a Contract Sport: Ways that agencies can achieve innovative outcomes through acquisitions. The most successful innovation stories includeRead… Read more »

Management-A Presidential Priority

This interview with David Eagles is part of a DorobekINSIDER series with experts looking to help shape a management platform for the new administration. Check out all of the stories in the new series, Good Government Management, here. The current presidential race is in full swing and we’ve heard a lot of promises being made,Read… Read more »

A Look Into the Future of Gov-2016

A possible government shutdown (a decision that will be made on December 11th) and a potential new executive order are some of the first signs that call for a changed and improved government going into 2016. It is true that it takes a few missteps to figure out the right solution and Tom Fox, ViceRead… Read more »

Grade Gov’s Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are not just report cards. Employees often feel like performance reviews are just a waste of time because they seem to provide little feedback to truly enhance the agency’s mission. Performance reviews can also provide an avenue for communication within the agency. They can provide a way for both employees and leaders toRead… Read more »

There’s No “I” in Federal Team

It should come as no surprise that government work (on any level), particularly in the federal sphere, requires complete teamwork. Unfortunately, there are some inherent discrepancies when dealing with rotating political leadership with the approach of a new administration. But there are ways in which executive leadership can improve the system from within after suchRead… Read more »

Tips for Young Leaders to Succeed in the Workplace

Every few decades we undergo a change in the workforce demographics. Leadership has always had its challenges, but there are inherently different kinds of difficulties when there is a new wave of younger leaders emerging in the workforce. Tom Fox, Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the Partnership for Public Service, sat down withRead… Read more »

Thank Govies-They Make Differences That Affect Us All

Ever read about someone else’s impressive accomplishments and feel like you are reading about a distant, far-off land where superheroes exist and they have nothing to do with you? The truth is, those superheroes are real people who do affect your lives. You may not know it, but your govies here in the U.S. areRead… Read more »

Good Customer Service Starts with the Employee

Government leaders are all hyped about integrating the newest technological innovations into their agency to improve customer service, but we may have forgotten a step or two along the way. Although technological advancements do provide some avenues to bettering the services govies provide to their constituents, we have to remind ourselves about the basics ofRead… Read more »