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How to Leave Behind a Legacy

It’s amazing how many professional insights we can gain just from a presidential transition. Last week, we discussed measuring the drapes before getting to the office and the importance of planning management and administration tactics ahead of time. This time, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the people lined up to take our placeRead… Read more »

It’s Not A Popularity Contest… Or Is It?

The government is faced with a conundrum. It’s unpopular and unattractive for emerging cybersecurity professionals. Unfortunately, the government has been the subject of many recent hacks. On top of this, federal agencies have a great deal of information and services that hackers want to gain access to. So, the government needs more and better cybersecurityRead… Read more »

The Elephant In The Room: Discrimination At Work

It’s not fun to talk about. It makes people uncomfortable. It also makes people sad. It prevents efficiency and morale. It’s a barrier to organizational transparency and accountability. What is it?! Discrimination in the workplace. Recent events in Indiana and Arkansas have put the spotlight on discrimination, forcing the government and the general public toRead… Read more »

Innovation: What The Feds Think

Innovation is a big buzzword all over the business world. It’s taken off in the private sector, with companies such as Apple or Tesla constantly pushing boundaries in terms of creativity and delivery. In these organizations, there is a culture of innovation, where it is encouraged and rewarded. But what about the public sector? WhatRead… Read more »

Making Friends With The Millennials

The dawn of the millennials is coming for the federal workforce. Four out of ten federal workers will be eligible for retirement in the next five years, according to OPM director Katherine Archuleta. Meaning that someone has to fill those spots – and it will be the millennials. Does this mean the face of theRead… Read more »

Happy to Work in Gov? Survey Says No

I am going to be brutally honest with you. It’s a tough time to be a federal employee. For the fourth year in a row, The Best Places to Work data showed a decline in federal employee satisfaction. The Partnership for Public Service found government-wide, federal employee job satisfaction and commitment fell 0.9 points to aRead… Read more »

How Much Would You Tip the Government?

Pollution. Poverty. Health. Infrastructure. These are just a few of the extraordinary challenges government face today. With increased citizens demands, coupled with decreased public resources, government is often placed in a very difficult position to adequately meet the needs of its diverse array of citizens. Throw Congressional gridlock into the mix and you have aRead… Read more »

Do Government Managers Need To Go on Undercover Boss?

Are you and your boss on the same page? If you work in the federal government, the answer is likely no. The Best Places to Work analysis from the Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte found for those agencies looking to drive change, the disparity between your view of gov and your boss’s suggest employeesRead… Read more »

Can First Time Supervisors Avoid Rookie Mistakes?

In the public sector, first time supervisors are being promoted into positions as a result of attrition, retirement, and the like. Now is the perfect time to address some issue new leaders may face to help them potentially avoid making rookie mistakes. Tom Fox, Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the Partnership for PublicRead… Read more »