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Cereal, Soda, Cigarettes and the Annual Federal Performance Review – Hope for Humanity!

If we can get smarter about what we devour, we should be able to do the same with the disdained annual performance review. Thankfully, we are. Perhaps nothing in the HR field is under as much attack these days as the annual performance review, an event typically loathed equally by both employee and manager. As… Read more »

Federal Talent Acquisition and Performance Management — People Analytics is the Way Forward

When I talk with federal human capital officers about some of the challenges agencies face confronting the prospect of moving toward a more analytical approach to federal talent acquisition and federal performance management, here’s some of what I hear: – “I know it’s important, but the thought of really ‘doing’ Talent or People Analytics is… Read more »

Talent Management’s 3 Rs – Don’t Miss the Relationship Piece

The same goes for most of those in HR, or at least the ones in charge. Sure, there are lots of processes to deal with, and more and more there are new tools such as analytics to delve into to help HR professionals do their jobs better. But, relationships are critical to talent management, and… Read more »

Changes to Federal Talent Management Systems — Six Months and a Million Dollars

Six months and a million dollars – it’s a bit of a running joke around the Washington, DC Capital Beltway. That’s what is often referred to as the minimum time and cost to get something done on a government contract. It’s the mantra that has made many businesses a handsome living for years. What’s surprisingRead… Read more »

The Way Out of the Federal Leadership and Employee Engagement Crisis? Talent Analytics

The number of questions that can be answered by analytics is virtually endless. And the answers can provide the necessary insight to help direct an agency to pay more or less attention to particular areas that can have the highest or most immediate impact. This is a much more thoughtful, insightful and accountable approach than… Read more »

The Washington Redskins and the Importance of Successful Talent Management

The world’s largest organizations understand that there are no quick fixes. Talent management and people management have strategic importance to and are critical to an organization’s success. A people-oriented organization with the ability to find, attract, recruit and develop the best talent understands talent management is a never-ending discipline.

Performance Management and Employee Engagement – Every Picture Tells a Story

Despite all the talk of integrated talent management and people management being the hub of engagement, empowerment and the overall organizational environment, we still seem to get bogged down in thinking about key elements of talent management in various HR silos. However, so much is tied together. If you could just open up the treasureRead… Read more »

2015 — The Year of Performance Management for Federal Agencies?

Now that all the Year in Review and Year in Pictures articles have concluded, it’s time to move on to the predictions for the coming year. I’m by no means an “official” prognosticator. Yet I see a trend that has been building over the last several months in the federal HR space – a renewedRead… Read more »

Government Agencies Must Improve Their “Grade” on Talent Management

When asked to make an assessment on talent management, organizations give themselves a pretty dismal grade: a C minus, or a 1.5 grade point average (GPA), according to a recent, ambitious survey report from Deloitte. Organizations are struggling Specifically, more than 2,530 business and HR leaders evaluated their proficiencies on a number of “urgent” needsRead… Read more »

Federal Talent Management – Overcoming the Talent Assessment Hurdle

Federal agencies are grappling with how to best move from their legacy talent management systems to what can help them with the challenges of 2015 and beyond. And while there are seemingly no shortages of choices, the truth may not be as complicated. While the talent management market has expanded significantly over recent years, in… Read more »