Restaurant Week II

This is my twice yearly public service blog about Restaurant Week in DC (August 24 – 30). Do you take advantage of this? Restaurant Week takes place twice a year, once in the frigid cold of the post-holidays and then again in the dog days of August. Times when diners are likely to be few.Read… Read more »

Acquisition Workforce Reform Starts From Within

From The Acquisition Corner The Federal Acquisition Innovation and Reform (FAIR) Institute, a nonprofit focusing on federal contracting reform, earlier this month released a report on acquisition workforce development in conjunction with their Point of View series on federal contracting. The report, like their earlier work, is a common-sense approach to tackling difficult issues inRead… Read more »

Ask GovLoop – The Many Knowledge Management Definitions

Knowledge management has been around since the early 1990’s. There is still no direct definition of what Knowledge Management actually is. Here are a few explanations: Knowledge Management is a framework that can be used for learning, capturing, sharing and exploiting knowledge, experience and good practices. Knowledge Management is information or data management with theRead… Read more »

Advancing Public Sector Innovation – A Project for the Australian Public Service Management Advisory Committee

The Australian Public Service (APS) is undertaking a project looking at how to foster innovation in the public sector. This project will make recommendations about how to strengthen an innovation culture in the provision of government services. A cross-agency team has been formed, overseen by a Steering Committee of senior public servants from a numberRead… Read more »

What if it works? ⎯ Vision Meets the Challenges of Gov 2.0.

One of the key fears inhibiting government adoption of Gov 2.0 strategies is simple: What if it works? We have to answer this question honestly. Otherwise Gov 2.0 will fail because it will be neither credible nor trusted by citizens or the agencies asked to implement Gov 2.0 practices. Vision forward What does a GovRead… Read more »

Some social media resources and a challenge/opportunity.

First, go read this critique of the recent Open Government & Innovations conference. I see this sort of thing regularly: people who have high hopes that aren’t met. As someone who enjoys teaching and leading, it’s hard to watch people who want to move out get frustrated. After reading her post and the comments, IRead… Read more »

New here – what to do?

I am just discovering this, and after dipping into the Knowledge Management pool, finding that there is TONS more information, and tools to manage it, then I ever thought! Currently working on 6 of our “units” merging into 3, and tracking the moving parts. Using SharePoint, eKM, and other tools to get the work/word shared,Read… Read more »

New business imperative: Share relentlessly or Perish

There is an organization that, in the last 6 months, has embraced leading edge technology, open information exchange, collaboration amongst departments and with external partners, focus on customer service, speed of deployment, as well as experimentation with game-changing ideas. Is this organization some kind of Silicon Valley start-up driven by a few highly caffeinated Gen-YRead… Read more »