Power of Information Taskforce Report

Yes, from UK but IMO has a great deal of relevance for ANY government entity wishing to go to the next level regarding involvement http://poit.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/poit/ From the Executive Summary: The Taskforce’s recommendations affect the things people do with the broadband networks that are the major focus of Digital Britian. This report is about improving DigitalRead… Read more »

Leadership in the global world

Following is the text of a speech I gave at the closing of the 22d Annual Black Management Association Conference at Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, on Feb. 21, 2009. LEADERSHIP IN THE GLOBAL WORLD Today, as never before, we need enlightened, effective leadership. We need leadership that is focused on recognizingRead… Read more »

Participative Government: A Historic, Yet Fragile Opportunity.

This week I had an opportunity to speak with Chris Dorobek, well-known host of Federal News Radio. It was an important discussion because, like many, I have been reflecting mightily about how and whether the commitment to a more participative government will succeed, and if so, in what form. Though historic, the opportunity is fragile.Read… Read more »

Do Something Beautiful

Every project should have something beautiful about it. Whether it be a creek alignment project or a new asphalt road, beauty is a critical component of any local project. Without it, you stand a very good chance of losing public support for that project or even future endeavors. In real estate we call it curbRead… Read more »

How will you help to develop leaders in your agency?

Your legacy will depend in part on your ability to develop and nurture future leaders to sustain your goals and objectives. This important role, developing a cadre of future leaders, is frequently overlooked in government. It is worth your devoting time and effort to this endeavor. In his report to the IBM Center, Ray BluntRead… Read more »

Check out the new NIST YouTube Channel!

http://www.youtube.com/usnistgov NIST solves science and technology problems today so that U.S. industry and science can produce the improved products, services, and technologies of tomorrow. From atomic clocks and online banking to mammograms and cellphones, NIST supports U.S. innovation through research, standards, business services, and other programs. Name: NIST City: Gaithersburg MD / Boulder CO Country:Read… Read more »

Web 2.0 White paper

A quick review from: http://freegovinfo.info/node/2434 An interesting new white paper contrasts “Public Media 1.0” (public broadcasting, cable access, nonprofit satellite set-asides) with “Public Media 2.0” (multiplatform, participatory, centered around informing and mobilizing networks of engaged users). It says that “the individual user has moved from being an anonymous part of a mass to being theRead… Read more »

The Mask: How much of yourself do you show at the office?

When I was first asked to blog in the early days of GovLoop, I thought it sounded like fun but wondered what I’d write about every week. After all, being a government employee isn’t really part of my self-identity. It’s just my job. Sure, I enjoy my job well enough and have a strong workRead… Read more »

The Center’s Application Deadline – March 2, 2009

March 2nd is the deadline to submit research proposals to the IBM Center for The Business of Government. Coinciding with the inauguration of a new President, the financial crisis, stimulus bill and other new developments, we are particularly eager to receive proposals focusing on five cross-cutting management issues: Contracting and acquisition E-Government, Web 2.0 andRead… Read more »