What form should a government blog take?

Republished from eGovAU. There’s an excellent and very active discussion over at Adriel Hampton’s blog regarding, Templating a Government 2.0 Blog. The discussion ranges beyond the pure technical and moderation challenges of establishing a blog (which are very easy to overcome) and into the mindset of government. In fact my view of the discussion isRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Kaplan Named OPM General Counsel

Elaine Kaplan will serve as one of President Obama’s lead advisors on federal human resource issues in her new role as general counsel of the Office of Personnel Management. The agency’s acting director, Kathie Ann Whipple, appointed her to the job today, calling her “uniquely qualified” to serve OPM. Currently a senior deputy counsel atRead… Read more »

Update to the IT Strategy member group

Originally, my intent was for the IT Strategy group to be for government employees only. This was due to legal requirements that strategic plans be written by government employees. I’ve been re-thinking this and decided today that I’d open the group up to everyone on Govloop. My agency has a specific group dedicated to developingRead… Read more »

L’indice de maturité des médias sociaux permettra d’évaluer les performances 2.0

[Here is an (imperfect) automatic translation French-to-English of this piece. It will give you a rough idea of what is being said.] John Cass Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, je suis toujours avec autant d’intérêt mon ami Jay Deragon (et son blogue A Relationship Economy). Ce matin, dans Twitter et Facebook, il pointait versRead… Read more »

Project of the Week – “Around the Corner”

Over the past year or so, blogs in the federal space have become more common and are increasingly being used to share information and ideas both internal and external to the agencies. Some great examples are Air Force Blogspot, Navy CIO, and NASA Blogs. OMB Director Peter Orszag just started a blog and the ObamaRead… Read more »

How Will U.S. Government Procurement Processes Handle the Stimulus Spending Surge?

By Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D. The Obama Administration has made it official: spending Federal stimulus money is being scrutinized and reported on very carefully and in great detail. This is called “oversight.” The organizational and publishing infrastructure for doing this are evolving rapidly. At the Federal level the public web portal is Recovery.org. Experienced no-nonsenseRead… Read more »