Reputation, Lemons and Government

This is a mirror of some thoughts I posted at the Wikinomics site today. Given the GovLoop audience I’d love to get your thoughts on this topic – has it got legs? Interally? Externally to citizens? Share your thoughts! ——— We’re all familiar with the concrept of reputation and how in a world of social… Read more »

finished the review for Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin This site looks like it going though a lot of changes when you look at some pages the site navigation has drop down and other pages the same menu item is not a drop down.

Federal Eye: The Plum Book: Cool Jobs

After picking up his copy of the Plum Book just after 10 a.m., The Eye has decamped to an undisclosed location near the Government Printing Office to begin scouring for interesting tidbits. With more than 7,210 jobs listed, it’s quite a task. More than 4,000 of the positions were non-competitively filled by the Bush administration… Read more »

Finished a review of Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado this has a good professional feel to the site. I had to hunt around for the mayor it took four or five clicks to find it. Yet I was able to find the broilerplate information really easier.


A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one.

Finished a review of Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska This site looks oddly dated. The main menu being on an arc and the 800×600 design dates the design on the page. I like how they have the e-service categorized by function. The Search function threw me, when it immediately jumped to the page. Accessibility is a problem here and if you… Read more »

USMS Tagline

A survey is being conducted to help select a tagline for the new US Measurement System Office. The tagline options are: 1) Enabling Measurement Solutions Beyond Measure 2) Where Measurement Solutions and Innovation Converge 3) Where Measurement Science and Innovation Converge 4) Powering the Engine of Innovation 5) The Resarcher’s Innovation Toolkit 6) The Measurement… Read more »

My review of Sitka, Alaska

My new friend Mark Danielson asked me to do a review of Sitka, Alaska thank you for the idea for review and I hope that you still want to be firends afterwards *smile* Sitka, Alaska This is a small city and like a lot of the small cities it does not fit in… Read more »

Federal Eye: Agency Reviews Start Monday

Federal employees: Take note! Get a haircut and wear your best suit to work on Monday, because that’s when Obama transition team members may show up in your office to start reviewing “over 100 departments, agencies and commissions of the United States government,” according to Obama transition co-chairman John Podesta. Read More Here >>>