Morning White House Intel Briefings; “Not What I Signed Up For”

The job of being the chief executive of the intelligence bureaucracy, which also includes the daily White House intelligence briefings, is a dual-hatted role that can challenge even the most hard-working and ambitious DNI. This, according to a recent article in GovtTech (taken from the National Journal), which stated that the first two directors ofRead… Read more »

Who’s a public servant anyway?

I am employed in the federaI service, and I have the pleasure of having worked at the State and local levels of government. I have to say this. I don’t view elected officials as “public servants!” Most assuredly not in the 21st century and most certainly not in the fashion noted in the Civil ServiceRead… Read more »

What are you Working on?

What are you working on? It’s the “What’s your major?” for IT people. It’s a basis for commonality and future discussion. Go ahead and create a new blog post and tell us what you’re working on. Tell us about the technology that your using. Tell us the choices you’ve made and why you’ve made them.Read… Read more »

Equity of Crowdsourcing for Political Issue Prioritization

A tweet came across recently about a website that is working to prioritize political issues at a local level based on people input (essentially similar to – share your idea). I think the idea of a non-partisan, transparent, framework for identifying and promoting the strength/concern of a particular issue is great…. unfortunately, I thinkRead… Read more »

Singapore govt experiments with social media

The Singapore government is on Facebook. Why? Dr Amy Khor, Member of Parliament, Mayor of Singapore’s Southwest district and Chairman of government feedback agency REACH, has the answers. Interview: Alice Kok For government feedback agency ‘REACH Singapore’, new media is a key opportunity to drive public feedback and citizen participation. An acronym for “Reaching EveryoneRead… Read more »

Not Quite Yet for the New OPM Director

I posted this earlier today: The Washington Post wrote this morning that John Berry, the director of the National Zoo in Washington, had accepted an offer from President-elect Obama to become director of the Office of Personnel Management. That appears to be somewhat premature, according to Zoo spokeswoman Pamela Baker-Masson, who said moments ago whenRead… Read more »

Microsoft FutureFed: New Federal CTO will have vital role

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the announcement of President-elect Obama’s nomination for the nation’s first federal chief technology officer to create the transparent and connected democracy he has espoused. According to Obama’s outline, the CTO will be charged with ensuring that agencies “have the right infrastructure, policies and services for the 21st century” and will leadRead… Read more »