2.0 — It’s Not Just the Feds

Earlier this week I brokered a conversation between two people I knew would hit it off. Pam Broviak is an online publisher, Director of Public Works for LaSalle, Illinois and a leading thinker about Government 2.0 at the local level. She put together a few months ago a group called MuniGov 2.0, which already boasts… Read more »

The Anger Of The Gods

Before I became Bureaucrates, Goddess of Bureaucracy, I was an alcolyte of Mediocrates, God of Mediocrity. Okay, I was actually a middle school kid studying Greek mythology in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in the 1980s, when the school district went on a tear about Achieving Excellence. Thus was Mediocrates born. His name is pronounced MEE-dee-o-crayts, of course…. Read more »

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Alerting members and enticing nonmembers to YGL news and activities – in effort to expand YGL’s membership and effectiveness – is the goal of our public relations activities. YGL events (speakers, seminars, social activities, etc.) and messaging need to be shared as far and as wide as possible. Whether through major media outlets such as… Read more »

Join the National Dialogue on Health IT and Privacy!

How should we expand the use of information technology and protect personal privacy to improve health care? Next week, Americans will elect a new president. This is your chance to send a strong message to the next Administration about what our health IT and privacy policies should look like. The National Academy of Public Administration,… Read more »

Network society is lagging in citizen participation in policy decision-making in local government, finds a new study

In his crossnational analysis of the impact of online citizen participation on local government decision-making, Jensen (2008: 25) has reported that the network society is lagging when it comes to citizen participation in policy decision-making. (n=348 elected local government officials in 316 randomly selected municipalities in the United States). Check his full paper.* Dr D.C.Misra… Read more »

Free Highway Design Software

Hey all you designers of two-lane highways! Get your free download of the 2008 Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM). Brought to you by your friendly Federal Highway Administration. The site does require you to register for approval. Information required for registration includes your name, title organizational affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, and… Read more »

IBM Center Launches Transition Resources

Next week, we’ll know who the next President will be. And he’ll have to hit the ground running to deal with the mega-challenges he’ll face. His first task will be to put in place his team of executives to run agencies that oftentimes dwarf even Fortune 50 companies. How do they get up to speed?… Read more »