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Presenting: Your Web Presence (Part 1 of 3)

The Resume isn’t Dead. But it will be. Get ready by grooming your web presence to get hired, promoted or re-branded in the era of resume decline. It’s time to explore strategies for assessing and improving your own digital footprint. A strategic, well-reasoned web presence is built around a hub; radiating from it are various kindsRead… Read more »

Is Your Government Agency a Social Media Dinosaur?

How smart and savvy is your government agency on social media? Has it staked out a strong social presence in cyberspace, or is it more like a meandering dinosaur in Jurassic times? It should be evident by now that all public sector agencies need to strategically leverage social media in the 21st century Digital AgeRead… Read more »

3 Keys to Your Career: Passion, Relationships, and Mastery of Trade

For 65 years my grandfather worked as a tailor at Learbury’s in Syracuse, nearly the entire duration of the company. He was a master of his trade, tailoring suits for mayors, governors and the uniforms for the Triple A baseball team in Syracuse (at the time it was the Yankees, now it’s the Nationals). HeRead… Read more »

Promoting Women in Executive Roles – And Why Men Should Care

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) has released a survey with some hard-to-believe results. Today, only 13% of chief executive positions in local government are held by women – a number that has remained exactly the same since 1981. A lot of other things have changed since the same year IBM introduced the first personalRead… Read more »

Work Flexibility is #3 Public Sector Priority for 2015

Public sector agencies need to be more flexible in embracing and implementing smart work flexibility programs (work flex) for all eligible employees in 2015. Put simply, work flex saves time and money while increasing employee engagement, performance and productivity, as well as morale and overall job satisfaction, among other things (see list below). Work flexRead… Read more »