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Office Rebel: Benefits of Coloring Outside of the Lines

Each year, some employees do their best to stay focused by following the office rules and political climate succinctly. While this is a way to play it safe, it often yields the same results: a “check the box mentality” of task management. Yet, have you ever wondered what life is like on the other sideRead… Read more »

Do You Know Why Your Work Matters?

A few weeks ago, GovLoop hosted a Career Energizer event. The program featured an awesome husband-wife duo: Larry Chloupek is an award-winning mentor at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He’s also the first person to complete the Boston Marathon on crutches (and break a world record in the process!). Jennifer Chloupek is an Executive Coach atRead… Read more »

3 Business Lessons I learned from the TV show “Suits”

Every person aspires to their career choice based on a past positive internship, a favorite relative, movie or TV show. For example, the USA Network TV show “Suits” provides business lessons for everyone to use while exploring the world of corporate lawyers and their legal endeavors. While the program is set in a fictional law firmRead… Read more »